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Preserve Memories with a GoPro® Camera


Preserve Memories with a GoPro® Camera

Videos on your smartphone are great. They're easily accessible, quick to upload to social media sites and a cinch to store and save. But what about the times you're at a major event, capturing a special memory, doing something so out of the ordinary, once-in-a-lifetime or worthwhile that a low-resolution phone video just won't do?


Enter the GoPro HERO® series, with super-high video and photo resolution for stunning quality. These cameras are even waterproof up to 131 feet, so your aquatic adventures don’t have to only reside in your memories. Plus, the built-in Wi-Fi lets you upload to your smartphone.


From your first skydiving trip to baby's first steps, that amazing night dive in the Caribbean or the first time your daughter rode a bike, you can capture it all with a GoPro and have incredibly well-preserved accounts of every moment in vivid detail.


At Verizon Wireless, you can choose among the GoPro HERO+ LCD, GoPro HERO4 Session, GoPro HERO4 Black Edition and the GoPro HERO4 Silver Edition. Then browse the collection of awesomely useful accessories.


Which GoPro is right for you? Let us help you decide:


Choose the GoPro HERO+ LCD if you need rugged durability when capturing life's adventures.

Super rugged, waterproof, Bluetooth®-enabled and a convenient touch display: all this makes the GoPro HERO+ LCD the ultimate all-in-one camera*. It features 1080p60 and 720p60 video, 8MP photos up to 5 frames per second, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and waterproof casing up to 131 feet (40m). Use the GoPro App to access shot preview, camera settings and controls and for easy sharing to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more.


The built-in touch display lets you frame shots, adjust settings and easily navigate menus. Learn more about the GoPro HERO+ LCD here.


HERO4 Session – rugged and waterproof, but lighter and smaller

If something a little more portable and lightweight is what you seek, then the HERO4 Session is the GoPro for you. It's 50 percent smaller and 40 percent lighter than the other HERO4 models, and its rugged, waterproof design eliminates the need for separate housing. It may be smaller and lighter, but it still delivers the professional image quality at 1080p60 video and 8MP photo capture. The design is simple for more quick and convenient access and usage, but the modes and settings are all there. And you can use the free GoPro App or Smart Remote to utilize all of the video and camera features. This camera is waterproof up to 33 feet and offers built-in WiFi and Bluetooth®. Other key camera specs of the HERO4 Session include Dual Mic System, Auto Image Rotation, Protune for Video, SuperView, Auto Low Light and HiLight Tag. Want to mount it on your helmet, chest or another unique perspective? No problem. The HERO4 Session is compatible with all GoPro mounts. You can even mount it upside down – the Auto Image Rotation automatically adjusts the capture orientation to right-side-up. Read more about the GoPro HERO4 Session here.


The GoPro HERO4 Black and the GoPro HERO4 Silver Edition


What's the same?

Everything that makes GoPro the go-to camera for professional quality video to be taken in even the most extreme conditions are all here in both the Black and the Silver Edition, including:

·         12 megapixel camera that can shoot up to a staggering 30 frames per second.

·         Waterproof up to 131 feet.

·         Built-in WiFi + Bluetooth®: Delivers enhanced connectivity to the GoPro App, Smart Remote (Smart Remote is a remote control that is sold separately).

·         Protunefor Photo + Video: Cinema-quality capture and manual control of Color, ISO Limit, Exposure and more.

·         Night Photo + Night Lapse: Customizable exposure settings up to 30 seconds for single and Time Lapse photos.


The GoPro HERO4 Black Edition gives you extremely fast performance – 2x faster than the GoPro HERO3 Black Edition. This includes faster video frame rates and a more powerful processor. It also records ultra- high resolution, high frame rate 4K30, 2.7K50 and 1080p120 video.


What’s the difference?

The GoPro HERO4 Silver Edition features a built-in touch display for framing shots and adjusting settings and captures great video at 1080p60 and 720p120 resolution.


For a full list of features, check out the GoPro HERO4 Black and GoPro HERO4 Silver product pages.


GoPro Accessories (sold separately)

GoPro offers a wide array of attachments and mounts. With these tools, you're certain to always be prepared to capture any event that life may throw at you.


GoPro 3-Way – A tripod, extension arm and camera grip in one. The 3-Way is waterpoof and compatible with all GoPro cameras. It even comes with a lightweight mini tripod that can be used on its own or combined with the handle.


GoPro Ride Hero – Use this mount to attach your GoPro camera to handlebars, seatposts, ski poles and more.


GoPro Rechargeable Battery – Works with both HERO4 BLACK and HERO4 SILVER cameras; keep this 1,160mAh lithium-ion battery on you for when the action is too good to miss and you don’t want to stop for a charge.


GoPro Head Strap + Quick Clip – Wear your GoPro camera on your head or attach it to a backwards baseball cap. Try it on for size on your next horseback riding adventure, ski trip, surfing some waves or out on a challenging hike.


Chesty (chest harness) – Strap your GoPro camera to your chest for awesome point-of-view footage and pics during such activities as skiing, cycling, motocross or paddle sports.


GoPro Ride and Tripod Mount – Use this mount for your bike or ski poles. Attach it to handlebars, seatposts, and more. It's compatible with all GoPro cameras.


GoPro Jaws: Flex Champ – Use this attachment to clamp your GoPro camera to objects ranging in size from .25 inches to 2 inches in diameter. Jaws is strong – it securely grips irregular shapes and super slim objects thanks to its innovative design. Where would you clip it? How about your golf bag, the edge of a pool, or even on the bar of a swing set? Wherever the action is, Jaws can make it work.


GoPro Suction Cup Mount – This isn't your ordinary suction cup. Use this mount to attach your GoPro to cars, boats, motorcycles and more… it's industrial strength and proven at speeds of 150 mph and faster.


Check out the full line of GoPro products available at here.


*Camera and battery cannot be removed from the housing for the HERO+ LCD.