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Samsung Puts 360° Image Creation in the Hands of the Consumer with the Gear 360 Camera


Samsung Puts 360° Image Creation in the Hands of the Consumer with the Gear 360 Camera

If you thought quality 360° photography and video content would be complicated, costly and reserved only for professionals, you’ve got a bit of a surprise coming. The Samsung Gear 360 demystifies the magic of 360° imaging and virtual reality, simplifies the process and puts the technology within easy reach of the everyday photographer.


Dual fish-eye lenses

Looking like something right out of a popular sci-fi movie, the Gear 360 resembles a little cylindrical robot with two huge eyes. The eyes are actually front and rear fish-eye lenses that each capture a full 180° of either still images or video. The Gear 360 may be used alone, or you can wirelessly connect the camera to your compatible Samsung Galaxy smartphone* for remote control and live viewing.

360° photography is relatively new to the consumer marketplace, and while there are a few other dual-lens cameras available, the Samsung Gear 360 boasts a list of impressive advantages. For example, some other cameras claim to capture a full 360°, but in reality only shoot cylindrical or half-dome footage.  The Gear 360 shoots a full sphere of content.

360° video is captured in amazingly high, near-4K resolution, and 360° stills are captured in 30 MP. Also, because light varies by location and time of day, Gear 360 is equipped with bright F.2 lenses, which means you’ll capture dazzling images even in low-light conditions.


One-click stitching using your smartphone

To make your 360° image, you’ll have to stitch the two individual 180° pieces together. Sounds complicated, right? Nothing could be further from the truth. Once you download the Gear 360 Manager App and wirelessly sync the camera with your smartphone* via Bluetooth®, stitching becomes as simple as pushing a button. Once synced, you’ll also be able to trim the video and share it online, right from your compatible Galaxy smartphone.*  Or for even more editing options, use the Gear 360 ActionDirector PC software† for stitching, editing and sharing on your home or laptop PC .

On its mini-tripod, Gear 360 really does look like a little robot

Just screw on the mini-tripod and the 360 Gear rests firmly on any flat surface. The little guy may not stand tall, but that’s part of his beauty. You can position him just about anywhere you need to. So how do you hold the baseball-shaped Gear 360 if you want to take hand-held shots? Thanks to the camera’s ingenious design, all you have to do is collapse the mini-tripod, and it becomes a hand-held attachment.

And for more complex photo tasks, just remove the mini-tripod and screw your own camera accessories into the camera’s universal mount.


What if you don’t want a 360-degree shot?

Shooting in 360° is definitely cool. But sometimes a simple, more conventional 180° shot will do. Gear 360 can accommodate that. With the touch of a button, simply switch to the single-lens mode to create high-resolution, 180° wide-angle videos and stills. Whether you decide to take a 360° or a 180° video or still, you’ll easily capture and share truly brilliant, vividly clear, high-resolution memories.


Heading into the great outdoors?

Have a camping or hiking trip planned? You’ll most certainly want to bring along your Gear 360. Gear 360 is an essential outdoor camera because a little dirt kicked up from your trail bike or a splash or two from the lake won’t bother Gear 360. Tempered glass lenses further help protect this handy camera. Gear 360 is a great travel companion on vacation, at sporting events, concerts--places and occasions that will be so much more memorable in 360°.

What will you do with your 360° content?

Talking about an adventure is one thing. Sharing it in images is another thing. And now, being able to share in full 360° is the ultimate way to immersively involve friends and family in your experiences. Sharing is exceptionally simple using your compatible Galaxy smartphone§.

What else can you do with your 360° creativity? How about publishing your photo spheres to Facebook 360, YouTube or Samsung VR1? Or even better yet, why not really get into your 360° creations with your Gear VR* virtual reality headset (sold separately)? The lightweight design and intuitive touchpad of the Gear VR drop you right into the action you’ve created with your Gear 360. Gear VR sports an ergonomic design with flexible padding. Plus, it fits over most eyeglasses. 

Designed with amateur photographers in mind

Quality, immersive 360° imaging is no longer just for professional photographers, thanks to the Samsung Gear 360--although professionals are sure to want one, too.  Get yours today at Verizon.

*Compatible with select Samsung smartphones including Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S6 edge+, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 edge and Galaxy S6.  Gear VR and smartphones sold separately.


Product key required for access.


Certified IP53 for protection against harmful deposits of dust and against water sprayed at any angle up to 60˚ from the vertical.


§360-degree content may be shared via Bluetooth® to another Samsung model running Android™ Marshmallow or newer.


1360-degree video is optimized for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. Internet Explorer versions 10 and earlier may experience difficulties in viewing the 360-degree image. Not available on mobile devices.