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Shopping Guide: Find the Jawbone® Fitness Tracker that Best Suits Your Lifestyle


Shopping Guide: Find the Jawbone® Fitness Tracker that Best Suits Your Lifestyle

Get up and get moving. It’s all about that first step and keeping the momentum going.

Whether you’re an all-star athlete or someone that’s just starting a regular exercise regime, a great way to keep motivated and stay on track is through the use of a fitness tracker.

Once you see your steps adding up and the progress  you’re making, you’ll be encouraged to keep on going to achieve the ultimate goal of a more fit, healthier you.

Of course, fitness trackers come in all shapes, sizes and capabilities. Some simply track your activity, while others provide helpful tips on how you can improve.

Check out the UP™ line of products from Jawbone® as a first step to a more fit you.

Choose the UP MOVE™ by Jawbone®, UP2™ by Jawbone® or UP3™ by Jawbone® -- they’re all available at Verizon Wireless. Which one is right for you? Let us help you decide.

UP MOVE™ by Jawbone®

Looking for a great starting point on your journey to better health? UP MOVE™ is ready to support you on your quest to get fit, lose weight and have fun while doing so.

Clip it on and wear it anywhere. Splash-proof and water-resistant, the UP MOVE can be worn in your sock, on under gear, even in the coin pocket of your jeans.

The tracker’s handy LED display shows your steps, exercise and overall calories burned throughout the day.  At night, it will track your sleep activity and the overall quality of that rest.

More than just a means to track your stats, UP MOVE also works with the UP App (available for separate download), where you can log your food and participate in online challenges with other UP users.

The UP App also incorporates a helpful Smart Coach feature, an intelligent guide that delivers personalized tips to help you make better choices. It helps you understand what changes you should make and helps you move more each day.

If you’d prefer a wristband wearing style --and like to add a little color into your day, you can get accessory wristband three-pack sets (sold separately) for use with your UP MOVE. The three-pack Strap Set includes one band each in Onyx, Fog and Grape, while the three-pack Slim Strap Set has one band each in Yellow, Ruby and Onyx. The UP MOVE can easily be moved from one band to another to suit your mood or coordinate with that day’s outfit. An adjustable clasp lets you size the bands to fit most wrists.

For a one-stop approach, you can opt for either the UP2 by Jawbone or UP3 by Jawbone wristband fitness tracker. Both boast extremely thin, sleek and savvy style that promote an on-trend, fashion-forward image.

UP2™ by Jawbone®

Sleek and sophisticated, the UP2™ by Jawbone® has a splash-resistant design so it can handle sweat from a hard workout or getting wet in the rain. You can even wear it in the shower for consistent tracking.  The UP2 design incorporates built-in sensors which work in tandem with the UP App and Smart Coach to provide a full picture of your health.

As with the UP MOVE, you can use the UP App on your smartphone to track your activity and help you make positive changes.  The UP App’s Smart Coach feature gives you insights tailored to your activity level and habits and the extra push you need to go a bit farther. And as Smart Coach gets to know you better, its insights become more precise so you can better perfect your habits.

With the UP App, you also have the perfect medium to track your activity and log your food. At night, or whenever you rest, it tracks the quality of your sleep.  The built-in sensors also support the Advanced Sleep tracking feature to track your sleep stages – REM, Light and Deep. Then, it gives you suggestions to maximize your sleep and improve the quality of your days.  Because a well-rested you, is just better overall.

A handy Smart Alarm™ functionality can also identify the best moment in your sleep cycle to wake you up, so you get out of bed feeling rested and ready to take on the day.   

And, since UP2 syncs wirelessly, there’s no need to plug in to upload the data the tracker’s collected. Result: you’ll always have real-time reports whenever you need them.

Want to make sure you keep moving throughout your day? The UP App also has an Idle Alert that you can set to remind you when it’s time to hit the pavement.

 UP3™ by Jawbone®

Much like UP2, UP3™ by Jawbone® is also a sleek and sophisticated fitness wristband. It too works with the UP App to provide you helpful insights, is splash-resistant and has the same features and functions as UP2.

But, UP3 kicks it up a notch. Like UP2, this cutting-edge activity band uses state- of-the-art sensors, but incorporates Heart Health Sensors into the mix.

The advanced bioimpedance sensors are able to automatically track your resting heart rate – a leading indicator of your overall health and fitness level—so you can use that information to take care of the most important organ in your body.

The journey to better fitness and health is not always easy. But, with the motivation and insight provided by these Jawbone products, you’ll have a support system to help keep you moving in a positive direction.