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Futuristic MiniDrones for Kids and Those Who Refuse to Grow Up


Futuristic MiniDrones for Kids and Those Who Refuse to Grow Up

Make the holidays more playful this year with one of today’s sophisticated smart toys.


Controlled by a compatible smartphone or tablet, these futuristic playthings are ideal for the young in age and in spirit.


Parrot Airborne Night MiniDrone – SWAT

Ideal for the adventure seeker or pilot wannabe, Parrot Airborne Night MiniDrone – SWAT is ready to help fulfill those dreams of flight – no pilot’s license required.


Ready to fly and easy to operate, SWAT can be tossed in the air and autopilot will start the engines and stabilize it. Control SWAT via a smartphone or tablet with the FreeFlight 3 app. Marvel as SWAT rips through the air at up to 11mph, does flips mid-flight or makes quick 90 or 180 degree turns.  Prefer autopilot? Then take advantage of SWAT’s pre-programmed acrobatic stunts. When darkness descends, control SWAT’s headlights to glow at varying intensities or set to Flash, Blink or Light Wave mode to create secret codes for a friend flying a second MiniDrone (sold separately).


Should SWAT come into contact with another object, it can compensate: the propeller circuit breaker engages to reduce potential damage. A built-in VGA mini camera captures extremely detailed, full color views of the MiniDrone’s flight and then streams the video to the piloting smart device.


Parrot Jumping Race MiniDrone – Max

Whether your loved one is an aspiring race car driver or just feels the need for speed, Parrot Jumping Race MiniDrone – Max is a great choice.


A speed demon designed for both indoor and outdoor courses, Max can zip up to 8 mph, navigate through obstacles or challenge a second MiniDrone (available separately) to a road race. As Max roars past its competitor, use Max’s embedded speaker and microphone to issue a battle cry; then listen for a response. Position the car’s wheels “open” for greater stability as Max picks up speed, then pull the wheels in to the closed position as the MiniDrone weaves through a tight space.


A show off by nature, Max can also be directed to perform acrobatics, spin around in circles, jump up to 2.4 ft. high or long, or roll upside down.  An on-board VGA camera captures the action and streams video to the controlling smart device.


Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 – Elite Edition ‘Snow’
Lights, camera, action! The Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Elite Edition is ideal for the extreme movie director at heart.

Featuring a camouflage pattern inspired by the Arctic region, the amazing remote quad copter is controlled by your smart device and has the technology to perform front, back and side flips. Download the free AR. FreeFlight application (available on the App Store and Google play) and take control of the AR. Drone 2.0 in just seconds.


It’s equipped with two onboard cameras, one of which can stream 720p high-definition live video right to your smart device. You’ll be amazed as you view the drone’s flight just as if you were in the pilot’s seat. The Director mode lets you program automatic movements so that you can shoot great videos just like a movie director.  The amount of film that can be stored depends on the compatible device storage capabilities, but there is an option to record to a USB flash drive.


Parrot AR Drone 2.0 must be registered with the FAA before its first flight outdoors.

Visit to register or learn more about the process.