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Sports Enthusiasts, Suit Up With These Mobile Accessories


Sports Enthusiasts, Suit Up With These Mobile Accessories

Looking for a gift for a sports enthusiast? Or maybe you’re looking to extend your own fandom or bragging rights. Either way, these mobile tech accessories are great for anyone who loves watching or playing sports.

Express your team spirit
For the baseball fan, an Otterbox® Defender Series® case not only protects an Apple® iPhone® 5/5s while playing outdoors, but it also comes in a variety of designs that highlight your favorite team.

Show your love for the St. Louis Cardinals, brag about the Boston Red Sox or Chicago Cubs, or show off your affection for the New York Yankees or L.A. Dodgers. A multitude of team designs, as well as solid colors, are available from Verizon.

Improve your game and show off your skills
For people interested in getting in on the action, a Zepp swing analyzer for baseball or golf can help take their game to the next level with coaching tips and analysis.

See stats, compare swings to the pros and replay a swing from start to finish in 360 degrees. The sensor attaches to a golf glove, baseball bat or tennis racquet, collects data and wirelessly transfers it to a compatible smartphone or tablet. The Zepp app helps break down your game and spot strengths and weaknesses.

Play more by getting in peak condition
Simply looking to get in better shape? The adidas miCoach products have what you need. The adidas miCoach X_Cell tracks your performance while you play or exercise, and gives training tips and goals along the way. It tracks your vertical jump, quickness and more, and can be strapped to your chest to monitor heart rate.

The adidas miCoach Speed_Cell tracks speed, stride rate, distance and more. Use it while running or playing your favorite game, such as tennis, basketball or soccer. The small sensor easily clips on and can be worn on your shoelace, so it won’t interfere with your performance.

Get up and get going with the adidas miCoach Smart Run. Wear the fitness tracker like a watch and glance at the easy-to-read display to see your stats. Track your run with GPS mapping, control your music, get tips, and monitor heart rate and performance right from your wrist.

From fitness trackers to team-spirited cases, these accessories make getting your head in the game easier…and more fun.