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Stay Entertained In Flight with Top Travel Essentials


Stay Entertained In Flight with Top Travel Essentials

Frequent flyers, take note. Instead of relying on the airline to entertain you during your air-bound travels, some mobile accessories make flights and layovers more bearable.

These travel essentials let you enjoy your music, movies and games. Turning your plane seat into a personal media theater will help you feel like you’ve arrived at your destination in no time.

Beats Executive™

These wired headphones let you enjoy audio from your mobile device without disturbing the passenger sitting next to you. You’ll also enjoy your music without outside interruption. The noise-cancellation over-ear headphones eliminate background noise so you can enjoy crystal-clear sound.

Beats Executive headphones deliver high-fidelity audio and enhanced bass, minimizing audio distortion. They’re lightweight and fold flat, making them easier to tote on the go.

Tracks Air Wireless Headphones by SOL REPUBLIC® x Motorola

If you don’t want cords bothering you during your next flight, Tracks Air Wireless Headphones deliver immersive wireless audio. These stylish over-ear headphones can be paired with any Bluetooth®-enabled device, from your smartphone to your tablet.

For frequent flyers, the noise-isolating Tracks Air are on the list of travel essentials, making it easy for you to recline in your seat, enter and exit the plane, and navigate the airport while keeping your mobile device in your bag. They offer up to 15 hours of play time.

MOGA Pro™ Power

If you’re a gamer, the MOGA Pro Power should be your new travel buddy.

This controller turns your Android™ smartphone into a gaming console that makes it easy for you to enjoy a library of compatible games.

Once you securely snap your smartphone into the controller’s MOGA Arm™, the controller becomes a complete gaming device, pairing your phone’s display with dual analog sticks, shoulder buttons and triggers, a directional pad and four action buttons. Plug in your headphones and get completely immersed. It even charges your phone while you play.

Motorola Power Pack Slim 4000

Keep your mobile devices charged on long flights and during accompanying travel time with the Motorola Power Pack Slim 4000. Charge Android-powered devices and more with the attached micro USB cable or plug a charging cable into the standard USB port.

Don’t worry about adding too much bulk when you travel—the charger easily fits in your pocket, bag or purse.