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Enjoy the Perfect Date Night at Home with These Tech Accessories


Enjoy the Perfect Date Night at Home with These Tech Accessories

Life is hectic enough. So, for your next date night, take a time out. Forgo fighting the crowds for a table at your favorite restaurant. Instead, create your own romantic oasis and settle in for some private cuddle time.


Make sure your home’s cozy

Rely on the Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd Gen.)  to make sure your home’s temperature is just right when you walk in the door. Nest creates a personalized schedule based on the temperature changes you typically make and continually adapts to changes. Nest is able to learn your preferred “home” and “away” settings, and then balances energy savings with total home comfort.

You can even control the thermostat from across the room or across town. Just connect Nest to Wi-Fi to change the temp or adjust your schedule from a smartphone, tablet or computer via the Nest app.


Set the mood with lighting

Lighting  is a great way to set the mood. And, a great place to start is with the Hue White & Color Ambiance Starter Kit by Philips.


Simply pick the lights or lamps you want to work with Hue and screw in the wireless bulbs. The bridge simply gets plugged into your wireless router. It can control up to 50 bulbs at a time.


Limited only by your imagination, Hue light bulbs can generate up to 16 million colors, and they can be controlled via a Wi-Fi connection and an app on your smartphone or tablet.


Just download the app (Hue by Philips), available through the iTunes App Store and Android Google Play, and you’re ready to set the perfect mood.  Pull up your photos and use them to create lighting scenes in your home. Just tap on a color in one of the photos and the amazing Hue light bulbs will mimic it.


Or  use Hue to sync your lights with music and movies. Extend your TV viewing experience to the whole room or see how light reacts to your music.


Want to create just the right lighting ambiance for your arrival home before you even get there? Part of the Works with Nest family, your Hue Lighting System can be connected to your Nest Learning Thermostat, giving you the ability to create the right ambiance via your smartphone.


Choose your romantic soundtrack

Pick your favorite slow tunes and your preferred way to play them.


A suggested favorite is the JBL Pulse 2 wireless speaker with built-in LED lights. The speaker is equipped with Bluetooth and NFC capabilities so you can stream your songs using any Bluetooth-enabled smart device.


For a combined audio and visual experience, use your iOS device to choose from different pre-programmed and custom-programmed light themes on your Pulse 2. Result: the lights will pulse to the beats of your favorite songs as you slow dance the night away.


The 6,000mAH rechargeable Li-ion battery enables up to 10 hours of music with LED light show - that's twice the playback time of the original model.*


Preserve the Memories

Create a great remembrance of your special evening.  The iPlanet Bluetooth® Selfie Stick is ideal for capturing some fun pictures of your special time together. Take a video as you slow dance to your favorite jam or snap a pic as you sit on the sofa cuddled up close.


The telescopic handle reaches from 9 inches to over 39 inches in distance, which means you can capture your surroundings too.


A  photo is easily snapped by depressing the shutter button on the handle, which works wirelessly via Bluetooth to activate the shutter on your smartphone camera. Or take a video by pressing the shutter button once to start recording and again to stop.


Give a Thoughtful Gift that Dazzles

And, what Valentine’s Day would be complete without the perfect gift.


For the sophisticated man in your life, there’s the Moto 360 2nd Gen smartwatch.  From its round stainless steel case to stylish band and single side button, Moto 360 has the look of a luxury timepiece. When its touch screen comes alive with an alert, you realize this smartwatch is as helpful as it is brilliant.


Review Facebook posts, read email messages and texts with just a glance at your wrist, and so much more. Featuring edge-to-edge glass and an extremely thin bezel, Moto 360's classic round design gives you the most viewing area in the least amount of space.


Built for all-day use, Moto 360 has ample battery life, wireless charging and a water-resistant design. It’s versatile, too, operating on Android Wear and compatible with smartphones that use Android 4.3 or higher. It even responds to your voice and doubles as an activity tracker.


Another option, that’s great for him or her: Beats Solo 2 Wireless Headphones in a vibrant red hue. It’s the gift that shows you’re on-trend and on the pulse of what’s hot. Beats' most popular headphone has been redesigned from the inside out, with updated and improved acoustics and wireless capability with a 30-foot range via Bluetooth technology.


Streamlined, lightweight, and durable, this wireless, compact headphone is more comfortable than ever. Even take handsfree calls with the built-in mic.


*Battery power consumption depends on factors such as network configuration, carrier network and, signal strength.