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Wireless or Wired Headphones: Finding the Right Gift


Wireless or Wired Headphones: Finding the Right Gift

To keep the cord or cut it? As headphone technology has evolved, so has the method for connecting these vital accessories to your device. There’s the traditional wired way—where you plug into an audio jack—or wireless, which offers a bit more freedom to roam without tangled cords.

But how to decide which will make the perfect gift for your audio-obsessed family and friends? Here are some wireless and wired headphones that might help you make up your mind.

Beats Solo® HD

Get the look of classic headphones without a bulky design with Beats Solo HD wired headphones. Thick padding on each side protects your ears and puts the sound exactly where you need it. The lightweight and flexible headband ensures a comfortable fit, while the foldable design makes them portable.

Simple controls on the sides of the headphones let you change tracks and control the volume, plus you can switch between songs and calls easily with the built-in mic.

Tracks™ Headphones by SOL REPUBLIC®

The Tracks on-ear headphones isolate noise and deliver crystal-clear, deep bass sounds.

The speaker pads also provide exceptional comfort and help reduce background noise, while the durable headband withstands damage caused by drops and daily wear and tear.

The built-in remote and microphone are also compatible with many mobile devices, so taking calls is a breeze.

When you’re ready to sit down and relax, these wired headphones are great for watching movies, listening to music and more, whether it’s on your television, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Plantronics BackBeat® GO 2 Wireless Earbuds

Immerse yourself in sound with these earbuds, which come with a charging case that makes it easy to power up on the go. The wireless earbuds protect against sweat, moisture and spills, and they come with three sizes of cushioned eartips to help you get the perfect fit. Built-in controls make it easy to power on, take calls, skip tracks and adjust volume.