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Mambo Mini Drone

  • Designed for easy piloting and plenty of fun
  • Control the Minidrone with Parrot Flypad controller, or your compatible iOS or Android ™ phone or tablet
  • Included Minidrone unit and two attachment accessories

  • Free shipping available on all orders
Free shipping available on all orders
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  • Description+-

    Parrot Mambo was made for fun.

    As with other Parrot Minidrones, Mambo is piloted in Bluetooth Smart via the free FreeFlight Mini app for smartphones and tablets* or with a Parrot Flypad (sold separately). Pilot Mambo to fly indoors or out, either alone or with friends. Or instruct it to perform aerobatics at high speeds and take pictures of its adventures.

    But Mambo is capable of more than just flight. The minidrone can also be piloted to interact with your friends and your environment with remoted accessories. For example, attach the Grabber accessory and have Mambo transport light items while flying or engage in a game of catch. Or with the cannon attached, have Mambo launch soft balls to knock over a castle of plastic cups. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

    Launch into good times.
    Included with Mambo is an interactive cannon accessory. Attach the cannon onto Mambo. Load up to six 0.24-inch balls into the cannon. Take aim at your target. Then launch the balls into the air using the Parrot Flypad or your smart device.

    Get a grip.
    Use Mambo s Grabber accessory to inject some whimsy into everyday tasks. Deliver love notes to a special someone in another room. Make feeding the dog fun for the kids instead of a dreaded task. Even use the accessory to hold one end of a jump rope and play double-dutch in the backyard.

    Advanced technologies, remarkable flight stability.
    Parrot Mambo incorporates technologies usually found in larger drones and is able to achieve remarkable flight stability:

    • A 3- axis accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope measure and analyze each of the drone s movements and inclinations, while Autopilot helps rectify Minidrone s position
    • Every 16 milliseconds, a vertical camera compares an image of the ground to the previous one to determine the Minidrone s speed
    • An ultrasound sensor analyzes the flight altitude up to 13 feet. If Parrot Mambo goes above that altitude, a pressure sensor controls it

    Two piloting options.
    You choose how to pilot Mambo Minidrone. Use the FreeFlight Mini app on a compatible iOS 7 or later or Android 4.3 or later smart device to control Mambo. Or for higher precision and more accurate control, pilot your Minidrone with the Parrot Flypad (sold separately) as a standalone controller or in tandem with your smart device for more settings and drone info.

    The connection via Bluetooth Smart has a control range of up to 65 feet , while the connection with Flypad lets you control Mambo from up to 200 feet away.

    Getting started is a breeze.
    Mambo features a unique free fall take-off system. When you re ready to fly, toss Parrot Airborne into the air and its sensors instantaneously know. Its engines start automatically and Airborne stabilizes in the air, ready and waiting for your next command.

  • Features+-
    • Pilot minidrone to fly and play
    • Use remoted accessories to interact with your friends and your environment
    • Includes Cannon and Grabber accessories
    • Remarkable flight stability
    • Pilot Minidrone using a compatible smart device*, included Parrot Flypad or both together
    • Up to 65 foot Bluetooth control range via compatible smart device§
    • Up to 200 foot Bluetooth control range using Parrot Flypad§

    * iOS & Android

    †Can catch up to 0.15 oz. objects.

    ‡One shot every 1.5 seconds.

    §Wireless performance may be affected by nearby objects including walls, metal items, and other wireless devices.

    iOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the US and other countries and is used under license.

    Android is a trademark of Google, Inc.

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