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Hue Lightstrip Plus Extension

  • Extends your Hue LightStrip Plus
  • 3 feet of flexible and bendable light
  • Can be placed on any solid surface

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Free shipping available on all orders
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  • Description+-

    The Philips Hue LightStrip Extension is an addition to your Hue personal wireless lighting system (available separately), providing you with full control of your lighting from your smart phone or tablet and extending your LightStrip Plus.

    Add color to your everyday with Hue LightStrip extensions. Use to extend your Hue LightStrip up to 33 feet. LightStrips can be set to timers and alarms, connected to a variety of apps, dimmed and sync with your music and movies.

    The Hue Lightstrip and LightStrip extensions are easily linked to your Philips Hue lighting system via Philips Hue bridge* and controlled with the Philips Hue app, downloaded to a smartphone or tablet.

    Arrange it Your Way
    Use the LightStrip Plus Extension in conjunction with the LightStrip Plus to design your own lighting scenario. Illuminate that corner office. Add highlights along your stairs. Arrange an array of light schemes that suits your mood and personality. The LightStrip Plus Extension has adhesive on the back and can be attached to any solid surface, so the possibilities are limitless.

    A gentler awakening and brighter day
    Light influences our mood, behavior, alertness and routines. Use Philips Hue to ease your sleeping routine and wake up gently. As your day progresses, Philips Hue can help you to energize, concentrate, read and relax. Customize your daily routines into moments you can enjoy. Set the mood. Change the ambiance.

    Paint with light
    Fill your world with fabulous color to enhance your mood or brighten your day. Use Hue to reproduce the colors you love best by recreating those found in your personal photos. First, open the Hue app. Then, pull up your pictures and use them to create lighting scenes in your home. Just tap on a color in one of the photos and the amazing Hue light bulbs will mimic it.

    Save your scenes
    Use the app to save your lighting scenes as you create them, then group them together to make new and interesting color and light combinations all within one room. When you need just the right setting in a pinch, call up a Light Recipe. Choose from Relax, Energize, Concentrate and Reading.

    Sync and Enjoy
    Whether it's time to unwind with your favorite movie or use your playlist to rejuvenate your spirit, your Hue lights can enhance the experience. Sync your lights with music and movies. Design lighting scenarios to give your gaming a unique feel. Extend your TV viewing experience to the whole room or see how light reacts to your music.

    Worry-free control, at home and away
    Control your lights from across the room or across town. Use the app's schedule function to make it seem like you're home when you're not. Set lights to come on at a pre-determined time or turn off gradually in the evening. When away, use the app to check if you mistakenly left lights on, or have them turn on for your arrival home.

    Each Hue bulb lasts up to 15,000 hours, or about 13.7 years based on typical usage of three hours per day.

    What's In the Box
    One Hue LightStrip Extension.

    *The Philips Hue bridge is available as part of the Philips Hue starter kit, which includes the bridge, light bulbs and all you need to get started. Or purchase the Philips Hue bridge separately and build your own Philips Hue system around it.

  • Features+-
    • Extends the LightStrip Plus
    • Bendable and flexible lightstrip
    • Full control of lighting from your smart phone or tablet
    • Adhesive tape on back allows you to attach to any solid surface
    • Sync to music and movies
    • Requires a Hue bridge for use - is compatible with previous Hue bridges
  • Specs+-


    • Size: 3 feet
    • Lumen output: 800 lm @ 3000K; 600 lm @ 2200K
    • Life output:
      • 16 million colors
      • Functional white light
      • All shades of White Light; from warm to cold; color temperature
    • Compatibility: iOS 7 or later and Android 2.3 or later

    In The Box

    • One Hue LightStrip Extension 1m
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