Catching this Month's Athletic Events on the Go? These Accessories from Verizon Can Help - Verizon Wireless
Catching this Month's Athletic Events on the Go? These Accessories from Verizon Can Help

07-28-2016    AUTHOR : Verizon / Source : Verizon

Catching this Month's Athletic Events on the Go? These Accessories from Verizon Can Help

If you’re like a lot of people, you're looking forward to catching this month's athletic events. And because of your busy schedule, chances are you'll be watching or listening while on the go.

Whether you’re a fan or you just enjoy the spectacle, you want your devices to stay charged so you catch all of the action. After all, who wants to miss record-breaking moments while looking for chargers?

With dual charging ports, the mophie powerstation 3X gives you the ability to charge two devices at once. That's pretty helpful, for instance, if you want to watch a thrilling gymnastics routine on your tablet and then later switch to your smartphone to see a medal ceremony. You'll be confident that both devices are powered up when you need them to be.  The mophie powerstation 3X is compatible with most USB- or microUSB-charged devices, so it can charge tablets, smartphones, and more.

Or imagine you're going to an event-watching party, and on your way out the door, you realize your phone battery is low. That's not good, because you were planning on using your phone for sharing social media messages with out-of-town friends who will be watching at the same time. No problem. Just grab the mophie powerstation 3X and power up the phone on the way over. You'll have texting and tweeting power for hours.

Listen on the go in comfort with the LG TONE PLATINUM Stereo Headset.

It's not always possible to watch events on TV or online, but there's going to be a wealth of event audio coverage this year. So if you can't be in front of a TV or other video device, consider listening in over the LG TONE PLATINUM Bluetooth® stereo headset. This completely wireless set is so lightweight, you'll listen for hours and barely realize you're wearing it. Listen while you're working, walking the dog…even while doing the dishes. 

Worried about missing an important phone call? Not a problem. Just pause the action and take the call from the headset. The TONE PLATINUM headphone offers noise-canceling, dual MEMS microphones for clear calls even in noisy surroundings.

And if you feel like switching over to some celebratory music, you’ll get stellar quality with the headset's Harman Kardon® Platinum Sound. Take it with you while you work out or go for an evening stroll, knowing you have 10 hours of music time*. 

*Actual battery time may vary depending upon network connectivity and application use