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Shopping Guide: Which Fitbit Fitness Tracker is right for you?


Shopping Guide: Which Fitbit Fitness Tracker is right for you?

Fitbit Fitness Trackers are popping up everywhere. You’ve seen people wearing them at the gym, at work, at the park and even at friendly get-togethers.


Fitbit trackers can help you monitor your workouts, sleep and eating habits, which in turn helps you set goals and make healthy choices. And by showing you exactly how much you’ve accomplished, they can help motivate you to do just a little more each day.


And now you’re thinking that a Fitbit just might be right for you, but you’re not sure how to choose one.


Whether you’re an exercise newbie or a seasoned athlete, Verizon has a Fitbit to suit your needs. Check out our guide to see which Fitbit is best for you:


Fitbit Alta™

Fitbit® Alta™ is the fitness wristband you’ll want not just for working out, but also for keeping in style. You can change the wrist bands (sold separately) and customize the digital clock face to update your look. Track your activity and take advantage of automatic recognition and recording of select exercises via the Fitbit app's SmartTrack feature. Easy-to-see call, text and calendar notifications from your nearby compatible mobile device are displayed right on the wristband.


Fitbit Blaze™ Smart Fitness Watch

Fitbit Blaze is a technologically advanced, smart fitness watch with PurePulse™ continuous heart rate tracking. PurePulse not only measures your pulse, it also supplies simplified heart rate zones to help gauge your intensity. Customized video workouts are visible right on your display. Activity stats are wirelessly synced to your dashboard and converted to easy-to-read charts and graphs. Monitor runs, biking, cardio and more with real-time stats. Plus you get smartphone notifications and more.


Fitbit Flex™ Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband

Wear Fitbit Flex 24/7 to track your steps taken, distance covered, calories burned and keep tabs on your sleep patterns. Silent Wake technology gently wakes you. Upload your stats wirelessly to compatible mobile devices and to your computer. Flex comes with an arsenal of free online and iPhone and Android Fitbit App tools. Set goals and follow your progress through engaging graphs and charts. The Fitbit Flex tracker is truly flexible.


And, if you feel like changing the look of any of the above trackers, that’s possible too. Check out the variety of interchangeable accessory bands available from Verizon to help you keep up with the latest fashion:


Fitbit Alta Leather Bands

Fitbit Alta Metal Bracelet

Fitbit Alta Classic Bands

Fitbit Blaze Leather Accessory Band with Frame

Fitbit Blaze Classic Accessory Band

Fitbit Blaze Metal Links Accessory Band with Frame

Fitbit Flex Accessory Bands



Fitbit Surge™ Fitness Watch

The Fitbit Surge is for the workout warrior who always makes time to run farther and work out harder. This sleek, fitness super watch can help you reach your peak performance on the track, in the gym, and all day long. With integrated GPS and continuous wrist-based heart rate tracking, Surge provides real-time workout stats like pace, distance, calories burned, heart rate intensity and target heart rate. Designed for all-day wear, this advanced fitness watch also has helpful features like call and text notifications and music control. There’s also an app where you can log workouts, calorie intake and more.


Fitbit Charge™ Wireless Activity Wristband

Wear Fitbit Charge 24/7 to track your steps taken, distance covered, calories burned, keep tabs on your sleep patterns, and wake to a silent, vibrating alarm. And because diet is important, too, you can log your meals, scan the barcode on food labels, estimate your calories, and even find meal shortcuts and an expanded food database. Stay connected all day with Caller ID. Use the Fitbit App to view your progress and analyze your trends with easy-to-read charts and graphs.


Fitbit Charge™ HR Heart Rate and Activity Wristband

For those who want to step it up a bit, there’s the Fitbit Charge HR. With the same capabilities as the Fitbit Charge and more, the Charge HR helps make every bit count. It adds automatic, continuous heart rate tracking right on your wristband during workouts and beyond. See your heart rate 24/7 to get more accurate, all-day calorie burn and reach your target workout intensity. Maximize training with simplified zones and get all-day health insights.


Whether you’re looking for a Fitbit fitness tracker to monitor your daily activities, to make the most of your workouts, or to take your training to the next level, Verizon has one that’s just right for you.