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Five Scenarios Where a Mobile Accessory Can Save the Day


Five Scenarios Where a Mobile Accessory Can Save the Day

Protecting your phone during life’s little adventures or keeping your home at the perfect temperature are just some of the ways accessories paired with your smartphone can make your life easier.

Consider these scenarios where mobile devices and their accessories can save the day.

Remotely control your home’s temperature

If you make an impromptu road trip, you won’t have to worry about your home energy bill with the Nest Learning Thermostat.

Nest lets you control the temperature in your home using your compatible mobile device, so you can avoid keeping your home too warm while you’re away. This thermostat also learns your schedule and programs itself to adjust temperatures when you’re not home.

Setup is a breeze, and Nest works with many heating and cooling systems.

Log your miles right from your wrist

It’s an unusually warm day in the middle of the winter, so you decide to go for a run. You want to log your miles, but really don’t want your bulky smartphone bouncing around in your pocket.

Solution: leave your smartphone at home and activate the GPS feature on your SmartWatch 3 by Sony. It will track your location, speed, distance, calories and more.

You can even take your tunes along for your jog. Just save your track to the watch’s 4GB of internal storage. Then pair the SmartWatch 3 with a Bluetooth headset to enjoy music while you run.

Rugged protection for an active lifestyle

The weekend is here and it’s time to get your game on.  You feel most alive when BMX biking, skiing, surfing or participating in a similar adrenaline-inducing activity. Today’s adventure: commandeering your kayak and tackling the whitewater rapids.

But, you’re at a crossroads. While you need your adrenaline rush, you also need to stay connected. Able to keep pace with your daredevil ways, the LifeProof  frē Case will “life proof” your smartphone when things get a little crazy.

frē  technology safeguards your smartphone’s touchscreen with a built-in screen protector that’s virtually invisible to the eye and touch. The Lifeproof case keeps your device water proof, dirt proof, snow proof and drop proof.

See all the LifeProof cases Verizon has to offer.

Backup power when you need it most

You’re at your child’s school play. Naturally, you’re snapping pictures to save these moments for posterity. You look at your phone and realize that you’re almost out of power.

Thankfully, your phone’s case is a mophie® juice pack®, which can easily charge your phone -- no cables or power source required.  The case has an integrated standby switch so you get to decide when to flip the switch to charge and when to save some juice for when you’ll need it most.

The case also features a carefully crafted, ultra thin design, so it doesn’t add to the bulk of the phone. It also provides more than 14 hours of talk time and high-impact protection.

Browse all mophie products available from Verizon.

Check on your home

You're away for the weekend and just want to be sure all is well at home. Maybe the cat is there alone, or maybe you just want the peace of mind that everything is safe and secure. With the Canary Home Security System, you can enjoy your weekend without worrying.

A complete home security system packed into a single device, the Canary is a modern approach to security that lets you protect the people and places you care about most. It's built to learn and adapts to your home over time. Should it detect something out of the ordinary in your house or apartment, Canary sends intelligent notifications with HD video and audio directly to your smartphone.

And set it up couldn't be much simpler. No additional components are needed, so you can take it out of the box, place it on a shelf or table, plug it in and connect to the internet. No tools or installation are required. Canary won't just save the day, it will save your whole trip!