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Get Ready for Adventure with the Parrot MiniDrones


Get Ready for Adventure with the Parrot MiniDrones

Ready. Set. Go. It’s time to get off the couch and rediscover your surroundings from a new vantage point. And the second-generation Parrot MiniDrones - Airborne Night - SWAT and Jumping Race - Max are ready to lead the way.

Getting started is easy. For instant access to exciting tricks and entertaining maneuvers, download the FreeFlight3 app to your compatible smart device or tablet*. The MiniDrones are easy to fly and control – even for little hands - no experience necessary.

So grab your friends, plot your course and let the adventure begin.  

Parrot Airborne Night MiniDrone - SWAT

Calling all pilot wannabes. Parrot Airborne Night MiniDrone - SWAT is ready to head skyward. When you’re ready to fly, toss SWAT into the air and its sensors instantaneously know. Its engines start automatically and the MiniDrone stabilizes in the air, ready and waiting for your next command.

Use your smart device to control the ultra-compact and hyper light MiniDrone as it flies missions  indoors or out and rips through the air at up to 11mph. SWAT can hook left, then hook right as it navigates your backyard landscape then flip mid-air, just because it’s able. Swipe the screen of your tablet or smartphone to make the MiniDrone turn 90 or 180 degrees in a flash. Entertain yourself and friends with pre-programmed acrobatic moves. SWAT is also equipped with numerous sensors and utilizes technologies usually dedicated to larger drones, so it’s able to achieve remarkable fluidity and stability. And if the MiniDrone comes into contact with another object, it can compensate: the propeller circuit breaker engages to reduce potential damage.

Equipped with two powerful headlights, SWAT also acclimates to nighttime conditions as darkness descends. Adjust the headlights to varying intensities. Or, choose from Flash, Blink and Light Wave modes to create secret codes for your friends.

Parrot Jumping Race MiniDrone - Max

Ready to run a road race? Well so is Parrot Jumping Race MiniDrone - Max.

With light-emitting diodes and sounds, Max is a lively character. A speed demon designed for both indoor and outdoor courses, Max can zip up to 8 mph. Thrill as the robot runs circles around the backyard,  navigates through obstacles or challenges a second drone (available separately) to a contest for double the fun.

Not all courses are the same, but Max can adapt. Position the wheels “open” for greater stability when Max is moving at high speeds. When it’s necessary to weave through tighter spaces, opt for the closed wheel position. Also a trickster, the MiniDrone is ready to entertain. Control Max to perform acrobatics, spin around in circles, jump up to 2.4 ft. high or long, roll upside down, push or hit an’s up to you.

An embedded speaker and microphone lets you use Max as a mobile walkie talkie. Speak into the piloting smartphone and hear Max relay your message. Have the robot warn obstructing objects to get out of the way or taunt an opposing MiniDrone as it barrels past it in a race through the park.

Both MiniDrones are also ready to pull you into the action. Equipped with on-board, wide-angle VGA cameras (480x640), the MiniDrones take crisp, high-resolution views of what they see as they zoom through the air or roar down the trail.** Live video of the adventure in progress is streamed right to the piloting smart device. SWAT and Max can also take still images so you can remember the journey and share the pictures with your friends.

Both Parrot MiniDrones - Airborne Night - SWAT and Jumping Race - Max are available from Verizon Wireless.


* iOS & Android

**Transferred on a computer via the embedded microUSB connector