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Google Trips is here to tame all your unruly travel plans

10-10-2016    AUTHOR : Derek Walter / Source : Greenbot

Google Trips is here to tame all your unruly travel plans

Any trip creates a web of details that can be difficult to sort through. Google, whose main purpose is making sense of disparate bits of information, wants to bring its organizational talents to your next vacation.

The company released Google Trips for Android and iOS on Monday. The app takes details from your Gmail and puts them into an easy-to-view package so you can easily find your itinerary, hotel reservation, and get recommendations about what to do.

Google has dabbled in this space before, offering trip summaries in Google Now and organizing such details in the Inbox mail app. This is a more direct approach that puts these features more front and center with a dedicated app on both platforms. 




Get your plans in an easy-to-glance format with Google Trips.

One of the best features is that you can save a trip offline, which is especially handy for international travel. There’s also a Maps feature that offers things to do near your location and even medical and monetary information that could be nice to have when visiting a foreign country.

The impact on you: If you’ve used the travel powers of Google Now, you’ll find this feels like an upgrade to that service. Of course if you don’t use Gmail, then there’s a lot less reason for you to explore this. Google services work best when you’re all-in, which means that you have to decide where you fall with handing the company that much information.


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This article was originally published on September 19, 2016.