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4 Situations Where a Bluetooth Speaker Saves the Day


4 Situations Where a Bluetooth Speaker Saves the Day

Bluetooth speakers are all the rage these days, but not all are created equal. The Jawbone® BIG JAMBOX™ Bluetooth Speaker® offers more than just loud tunes in your living room. It’s a must-have mobile accessory that goes where you go and can save the day in the most unexpected ways.

Consider these four situations where it comes in for the win.

1. The situation: It’s time for your neighborhood cookout, and you totally forgot about it (and to sign up to bring something, slacker). There are no hot dogs in your fridge, your pantry is void of paper plates and juice boxes, and there’s no time for a trip to the store.

How the BIG JAMBOX won’t make you look cheap: You’re mulling skipping the event when you see the graphite hex party-saver in your bookcase: your go-to Bluetooth speaker. Just carry it down the cul-de-sac, and you and your smartphone-using neighbors can stream your favorite tunes.

2. The situation: It’s Grandma’s birthday, but you and the kids couldn’t be there to celebrate in person (darn flu bug).

How the BIG JAMBOX helps you celebrate: Start a video chat with Grandma, put this speaker on your kitchen table, gather the family around and impress her with your singing voices (it’s your kids that are off key, not you).

3. The situation: Your younger brother has perfected the art of annoyance. He constantly pulls pranks on you. Last week, you woke up with shaving cream all over your face, and you’ve had it. It’s time for a playful reminder of who’s boss.

How the BIG JAMBOX helps you pay your brother back: The speaker is small enough to hide under your brother’s bed. When he’s quietly reading alone, stream creepy music to him from the other room. He’ll be spooked, for sure.

4. The situation: You’re a documentary filmmaker working on a project deep in the Midwest. Every week, you and your team return to civilization to resupply and check in with the execs back home. You need an easy way for the film crew to communicate with your producers.

How the BIG JAMBOX helps you stay in touch: It allows everyone to listen in and participate in the meeting with the higher-ups. With the speaker’s ability to sync with up to two devices simultaneously, you can turn that cornfield into your own personal boardroom.