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In the Spotlight: Canary Smart Home Security System


In the Spotlight: Canary Smart Home Security System

That feeling of panic you get when a notification comes in from your home security system alerting you that motion has been detected at your home. Do you call the police? Run home? Ignore it and hope it was a false alarm until you receive another notice?

Worry about this scenario no more with the Canary.

A complete home security system in one smart device, the Canary is simple to install and lets you know when something happens that's out of the ordinary by sending a notification with recorded HD video. So there's no more guessing about whether it was the dog setting off a sensor or your brother stopping by unannounced to do some laundry.

Watch as Canary learns about you
The times you typically come and go, the times that are quiet and calm – Canary takes note of all the natural rhythms of your home, and adjusts its smart notifications accordingly in order to decrease false alarms.

If your Canary device detects anything out of the ordinary, you will receive a notification with recorded HD video of the event, as well as the option to watch live. Designed to absorb and analyze all the important things happening in your home, this all-in-one home security device works to help keep you safe and more connected.

When you receive the notification – you decide if you want to sound the alarm, call the police, or ignore it. It won't automatically execute a programmed function every time it detects a notable activity. Instead, you are in charge of who is notified and what actions are taken.

Your response to the alerts sent by Canary teaches it which events are normal and which really need your attention. As Canary gets smarter, its notifications will become more relevant, and the number of false alarms will decrease.

And there's no need to dial in on a keypad each time you come and go. Canary senses when you leave home and changes its settings accordingly.

Set it up and get going
No installation is necessary with Canary. Simply place it on a shelf or table in a central location within your home, plug it in and connect to your WiFi. Then download the free Android or iPhone Canary app. That's it. Canary will take over from there. It's as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Place Canary in a central area
  2. Let Canary analyze home activity
  3. Receive relevant notifications

Detecting more than just motion
With a feature called HomeHealth Technology™ the Canary device is able to monitor your home's air quality, temperature and humidity. This type of safety measure gives new meaning to the term "rest easy." You can sleep soundly knowing your home is healthy, quiet and secure when Canary is on guard.

To learn more about Canary, visit the product page here.