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In the Spotlight: mophie powerstation plus 8x


In the Spotlight: mophie powerstation plus 8x

You're on the vacation of your dreams – seeing all the sights and snapping pics every moment along the way. The best part of the tour is coming up and you're getting nervous as the battery is dangerously low on your smartphone. Scrambling to find an outlet, you know that time is running out! Do you have enough power left to capture any of this final stop, a sight you may never see in person again? Fortunately, a travel companion has a mophie powerstation® plus 8x in his bag. He glances at the LED lights to be sure the portable battery pack has power, then opens the aluminum hinged door, pulls out the cord and powers up your phone on the bus ride to the final destination for the day. Thanks to the 12,000mAh battery, integrated charging cable and USB charging port, he's able to power up his device up on the way as well. Both devices are fully charged by the time the bus stops because of the 2.4 amp output, which enables extremely quick charging. That was close! "l'll have to get a mophie powerstation for myself," you think as you're home going through all the pictures you were able to take that day. You didn't miss a single photo op.

For Apple® device users, mophie makes a powerstation plus 8x with Lightning™ Connector, and there's a powerstation plus 8x with Micro USB for use with most other types of smartphones.

12,000mAh for 8x charging*
The name says it all – this powerstation can charge a typical smartphone up to eight times on a full charge.* With enough power to charge the whole family's devices, the powerstation plus 8x can charge tablets and smartphones. Digital Power Management means your device will always get the perfect amount of power for a quick, safe charge. And Charge Vault Technology is the reason mophie products can hold their charge for an extended period of time.

The powerstation charges your device first
Another handy feature of the powerstation plus 8x is the Priority+ charging: power is sent to your device first when it's connected to the powerstation and the powerstation is connected to a computer. Then the powerstation recharges itself.

Pack less bulk, just one sleek and compact powerstation
Say goodbye to extra cords and cables in your bags and on your counters. The powerstation plus 8x features two integrated cables – one for charging your device, the other for charging your powerstation plus 8x. They're kept hidden for neat storage behind the hinged aluminum top. There's also an additional USB port so you can connect an extra cable.

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*Extra battery is estimated by comparison to the internal battery capacity of an iPhone 5