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LG Watch Urbane: Go beneath the surface


LG Watch Urbane: Go beneath the surface

Not what it appears to be, the LG Watch Urbane™ has the classic, elegant look of a luxury wrist watch. But just below the surface lies technological advancements that enable you to stay connected and online throughout every moment of your day.

Like fine art, a beautifully crafted watch makes a statement, and the LG Watch Urbane is a contemporary piece that says a lot about you and your style. Made to last, the durable, stainless steel face comes in a silver finish, and the interchangeable stitched leather strap can be replaced with standard 22mm watch bands, depending on your preference, mood and attire.*

Go deeper with Android Wear and heart rate monitor
Beyond the beautiful exterior, you'll find that this watch runs on Android Wear™* and functions both via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® technology. The full, round screen is a dazzling 1.3-inch P-OLED display that offers remarkable clarity all day long, even in bright sunlight.

For the fitness buff, the heart rate monitor will track your exertion levels while the barometer tracks elevation. Plus it's got 4GB of storage and 512MB of RAM. You can save playlists to your Watch Urbane for your next workout without needing to stream music from your smartphone.

Wear it all day with 410mAh battery and IP67 rating
The 410 mAh battery ensures long-lasting use while the IP67 rating means that dust and water won't give you any trouble should you get caught in a rain shower or in a particularly dusty situation.** At night, the LG Watch Urbane attaches to a charging cradle to power up before morning.

Want to change the face of your Watch Urbane? Simple – just slide your finger across the screen. Personalize your look every time before you head out for a night or go off to work for the day.

Standalone operation
Though Wi-Fi connectivity, you can stay synced with your device and still receive notifications. You'll have the same experience when the Watch Urbane connects to the cloud via Wi-Fi as you would if you were connected to your device via Bluetooth. Notifications will come through, and the heart rate monitor is always running, so your fitness level progress can stay on course.

Voice commands
With Android Wear and the Google™ App, you just have to say: "Ok Google" before asking your Watch Urbane for assistance. "OK Google, send a text to Jennifer." "OK Google, what's the score of the Yankees game?" "OK Google, what's the weather going to be tomorrow?" The Watch Urbane will display the information you seek. Even ask for directions, and the watch will display your route, turn by turn.

See it all with just one look
Incoming calls and texts are displayed on the LG Watch Urbane's brilliant P-OLED display. Flight delayed? You'll know as soon as the alert goes out. Real-time feeds from all your favorite social media and networking sites will be on display so you're never out of the loop.

Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for a tech lover in your life, or you would like a nice timepiece that features all the latest technology to call your own, the LG Urbane stands out. Luxurious style on the surface and advanced mobile tech features beneath, this accessory will bring convenience and connectivity to your life.

Visit the product page to read more about the LG Watch Urbane.


*Compatible with Android 4.3 or above
**take the LG Watch Urbane to a local jeweler to change bands, additional bands not included
*** the LG Watch Urbane can be submerged in water up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes