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Make a Powerful Statement About You with These Smartphone Cases


Make a Powerful Statement About You with These Smartphone Cases

Whether your intention is to spruce up the look of your smartphone or simply to protect your investment from incidental scratches and bumps, there’s a smartphone cover for you.

But what does your smartphone case of choice say about you? Find out.

LifeProof® FRĒ Case

FRĒ technology safeguards your smartphone’s touchscreen with a built-in screen protector that’s virtually invisible to the eye and touch. The Lifeproof case keeps your device WaterProof, DirtProof, SnowProof and DropProof.

What a LifeProof FRĒ Case says about you: Your sporty style reflects your hobbies, which probably include sports, snowboarding, hiking and exercising. You’re more concerned about durability (and you’re prone to the dropsies) than high-fashion style.

Otterbox® Resurgence® Power Case

Slim, sleek and also super durable, the Resurgence boasts military-rated protection, so it can handle its fair share of life’s bumps and bruises. It also has a built-in 2,600 mAh lithium ion battery that can more than double your iPhone’s battery capacity. Result: the ability to text, take photos, and carry on life’s important conversations when you need it most.

What an Otterbox Resurgence says about you: You are bold, daring and like to live life on the edge. But, even though you err on the side of adventure, you always have a “back up plan” and tend not to be reckless about the decisions you make.

mophie® juice pack®  

Featuring a carefully crafted, ultra thin design, the compact juice pack® by mophie® provides more than 14 hours of talk time and high-impact protection. The case also has an integrated standby switch. You get to decide when to flip the switch to charge and when to save some juice for snapping pics or for an extra long conference call at the end of the day.

What a mophie juice pack says about you: You are accomplished in business, driven and motivated. You routinely give 200% and expect your phone to do the same. You carefully scrutinize the competition and save your best pitch for when you need it most.

kate spade new York Flexible Hardshell Case

Designed to make a fashion statement, kate spade new york hardshell cases come in a variety of “on trend” designs and color combinations. More than just pretty, the cases have a rigid back shell and shock-resistant bumper for reliable protection.

What a kate spade new york Hardshell Case says about you: You are fun, flirty and fashionable, but also have a practical side. Your vibrant personality is reflected in your style, and you want fun accessories that are uniquely you!

Shell Holster Combo

Offers protection and convenience in one accessory. The shell protects against scrapes, dirt, and daily wear and tear, while the holster offers easy and convenient portability.  It also features an integrated kickstand for handsfree media viewing.

What a Shell Holster Combo says about you: Convenience and function—you’re looking to protect your smartphone, but you also want something that makes it easy to carry and access at a moment’s notice.

High-Gloss Silicone Cover

Hearts and flowers not quite your style? You can still enhance the look of your smartphone with a high-gloss silicone cover. Available in various colors, it’s light and flexible thanks to its silicone construction. The secure fit protects your investment without inhibiting your ability to access all ports and buttons.

What a high-gloss cover says about you: There are few pieces of black and white clothing in your wardrobe. You have a bold personality and aren’t afraid to express it with colorful accessories.

Motorola Flip Case

This funky case, which comes in black or dark brown natural leather and ballistic nylon, protects your phone, front and back. When the case is closed, you can view information through a window on the front, take calls or even use MotoVoice to prompt the phone’s camera to take a picture. Flip the case open and you’re granted full access to your phone’s features.

What a Motorola Flip Case says about you: There is more to you than meets the eye. Cool and confident on the outside, you exude a sense of sophistication and style. But only those you truly trust gain access to the deeper, inner you.