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Our Favorite Tech: Wireless Charging


Our Favorite Tech: Wireless Charging

Most of us rely on our smartphones for tasks that have become crucial to our daily routines, such as planning meetings, choosing restaurants, navigation, checking email and monitoring the news, traffic and weather.  In turn, staying on top of battery life becomes critical.

Luckily, keeping your device fully charged has gotten a little easier thanks to the introduction of wireless charging.

Interested? Read on to learn more.

What is Qi Wireless Charging?

When a device is Qi-compatible, it can be charged wirelessly using induction transfer by simply placing it on top of a wireless charging stand or pad. No need for cords or cables, no need to plug in or connect the device to a power source or charging element.

Verizon Qi Wireless Charging Stand and Charging Pad

The charging stand and charging pad by Verizon offer quick and easy charging without the need for cables or cords.

The stand keeps your device in a slanted upright position, either landscape or portrait, so you can still view the screen as it's charging. The pad plugs in via microUSB so you can even use your laptop as a power source when you're away from a wall outlet. To charge your device, just place it on top of the pad and you're good to go!

Samsung Galaxy Mini Wireless Charging Pad and S-View Flip Covers

A place for your device to rest its weary head! The Mini Wireless Charging Pad also utilizes Qi Inductive Charging Technology, so it can charge any Qi-compatible device. The built-in LED indicator displays the charging status so you know at a glance how much more it has to go.

With the Wireless S-View Flip Cover, you can replace the standard battery cover of your Note 4 or Galaxy S 5 and charge them up using the Samsung Galaxy Mini Wireless Charging Pad. Just place your device directly on the pad and your phone will begin to charge.

TYLT VU Wireless Charging Pad

This charging pad comes in bright colors, has a funky design and will hold your device upright in portrait or landscape mode at a 45-degree angle while charging. It works with Qi-compatible smartphones and battery covers and the charging indicator light lets you know that it's working and your device is receiving power. It's speedy too: the TYLT VU will charge your device at the same rate as a standard plug-in charger.

LG Wireless Charging Quick Circle Folio Case for LG G3

A modern flair and a unique look characterize this wireless charging case for the LG G3. The expressive lighting effects and app widgets come to life in the round space, and when you close the cover a clock widget appears. Activate the wake/sleep function of the display by double-tapping the inside of the window, and customize the Quick Circle window by swiping the clock widget to access all your app shortcuts.

Best of all, it's a wireless charging case. That means your LG G3 becomes chargeable with Qi-compatible wireless charging device once it's snapped into this case.