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Spotlight on the LG TONE PRO™


Spotlight on the LG TONE PRO™

Multi-tasking is a way of life, and products that help you do more with less are always in demand.

Ideal for life on the go, the LG TONE PRO™ Bluetooth® Wireless Stereo Headset is stylish, lightweight and easy-to-wear.  It provides effortless access to your calls and your music, while freeing up your hands for more important tasks. 

Comfortable 3D NeckBehind™ Wearing Style

Place the TONE PRO around your neck and then forget about it.  The headset is sleek and lightweight with a comfortable 3D NeckBehind™ wearing style. It gently fits around the back of the neck for a natural feel through all-day use.

Whether you’re doing errands around town, on the way to the airport for a week-long trip or headed to the gym, the TONE PRO will keep pace with you and stay comfortably in place as you go about your daily routine.

Convenient Call and Music Controls

The TONE PRO is a powerful tool for managing your calls and playing your favorite tracks.

Call and Play/Pause buttons are conveniently positioned on top of the wireless headset for intuitive access to these key functions, while one-touch jog buttons enable simple music and volume control.

You can also set the headset’s vibration control with the touch of a button, so the power is right at your fingertips.

No more fumbling for your smart phone when a call comes in or for your music player when you want to choose a different track on your playlist. Instead, just hit the button on the headset, it’s that easy.

And, if you make your calls from one mobile device and play music from another, that dilemma’s easily solved. Just use the Advanced Multipoint feature to connect both devices simultaneously to the TONE PRO. You can then quickly switch back and forth between your calls and your music.

Rich, Detailed Sound with Quad-Layer Speaker Technology

Hear the tones and nuances in your music as your favorite recording artist intended thanks to the headset’s advance audio technologies.  

aptX-enabled, the headset delivers pure wireless sound so you can benefit from the freedom and convenience of Bluetooth® without compromising sound quality.  Quad-Layer Speaker Technology provides a multi-layer audio experience with crisp treble, robust bass and less high-frequency distortion.

Whether you’re taking a morning class at the gym or quietly relaxing with your tunes, your music will come through loud and clear.

Clear Calls with Less Interference with MEMS Microphone

When jumping on a call with the head of your department, the last thing you need is annoying background noise or muffled tones as you pitch your big idea.

The headset’s digital MEMS microphone ensures high-quality sound.  Plus, with echo cancellation and noise reduction, whether you’re catching a taxi on a busy avenue, shopping in the mall or enjoying time with your kids at the amusement park,  you’ll be confident knowing  the TONE PRO will deliver your calls clearly.

Dependable Use with Long-Life Battery

This headset is a device you can count on as you make your way through your busy day.

Its long-life battery gives the TONE PRO the stamina it needs so it’s ready when Johnny calls to be picked up after practice or for playing the music that most inspires you as you train for next week’s half marathon.

The battery provides up to 23 days of standby time, 16-hour talk time, up to 10.5-hour music play time, and charging time of less than two hours.

To read more about the LG Tone Pro, visit the product page.