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Spotlight: The Samsung Network Extender


Spotlight: The Samsung Network Extender

The Samsung Network Extender improves voice reception and signal strength in indoor locations where network coverage does not reach. It actually works like a miniature cell phone tower in your home, providing enhanced coverage for up to a 5,000 square foot area.

The extender will boost data coverage and speeds in the home, along with supporting voice calls. It’s ideal for customers who want to increase their wireless signal when making voice calls, sending text/picture/video messages, accessing Mobile Web or accessing Smartphone/BlackBerry data in situations that could include houses with structural barriers, in basement rooms, or in some remote, mountainous or hilly areas.

How does it work?

1.      First, Connect to Your Existing Internet Broadband Connection
You must connect the Network Extender to your existing high-speed Internet connection. The Network Extender is compatible with Verizon and other broadband Internet services like fiber optic, DSL, and Cable. Simply connect the Network Extender to your broadband router using the Ethernet cable provided with purchase.

2.      Place Near a Window
Your Network Extender needs to be placed near a window that has a clear view to the sky to be able to access a GPS signal. If you cannot place the Network Extender near a window, an optional external antenna extender is included with purchase.

3.      Now Talk!
There is no activation required on any Verizon Wireless phone within the Network Extender network range. Place your Verizon Wireless phone within 15 feet of the Network Extender to register your phone. Dial #48 to confirm registration and set up completion.

The Network Extender has an approximate range of up to 40 feet from the Network Extender device, which translates to a 5,000 square foot area.

Up to six Verizon Wireless phones can automatically access the Network Extender network at one time with no extra charge per minute. A seventh channel is always reserved for emergency (E911) calls.

4.      Manage Your Settings Online
The Network Extender allows all Verizon Wireless phones to enjoy the benefits of enhanced coverage. You can manage your settings online by signing in to My Verizon. You also have the ability to prioritize access to your Network Extender to up to 50 Verizon Wireless callers you select. Where a compatible cell tower is unavailable, callers that do not appear on your managed access list may access the Network Extender when not in use by priority callers. All callers may access the Network Extender for emergency (E911) calls. It's simple and easy!

Why do I need it?

If you ever work out of your home, live in a remote area or just want a stronger signal for sending text, picture or video messages, then the Network Extender could give you just the boost you seek!

To learn more about this accessory, check out the User Guide.