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Spotlight: Tech21 and Impactology

Not all cases are created equal, and Tech21 is the perfect example. The makers of these famously durable cases have advanced the technology that goes into developing what they call "the most intelligent impact protection possible." Their approach to device case design is all their own, and each product is subject to stringent testing and development. They've even coined their own term for this approach to case design – Impactology.

Tech21 cases provide premium protection for a variety of devices in a stylish, slim-fitting design. Created with a ruggedized TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) formula, these cases surround the back and sides of the device, protecting it with flexible, robust construction. When you use a Tech21 case, your device is safe in the event of drops up to six feet.

The promise that all Tech21 products always deliver the most intelligent impact protection, "Impactology" means a combination of scientifically proven materials, smart designs and user-friendly features have been infused in order to create a variety of outstanding products.

Tech21 cases have been carefully crafted to absorb and dissipate impact force, keeping the device in pristine condition throughout its life.

The team behind Tech21 is dedicated to creating an impressive series of scientifically designed Impactology cases which enhance the original beauty of a device while surrounding it with premium impact protection. 

The Impact Shell Case
The flexible Impact Shell design provides outstanding impact protection for the back and sides of the phone or tablet in a slim-fitting case. Created with a premium TPU formula known for its excellent flexibility and abrasive resistance, scientifically proven shock-absorbing D3O® material lines this smooth shell, surrounding the device with intelligent impact protection.

The Impact Mesh Case
The Impact Mesh case design features an original mesh pattern on the interior of a slim-fitting, minimalistic shell. Because Tech21 only uses the most advanced materials, it’s crafted with a premium TPU formula known for its brilliant flexibility and resilience.

What’s the difference between the Impact Mesh and the Impact Shell?
The Impact Shell has a smooth, glossy finish whereas the Impact Mesh features a unique mesh pattern on the interior. Both are smooth on the outside.

The Impact Check Case
The innovative Impact Check design features a unique check pattern on the interior of a slim-fitting, flexible shell. This case is crafted with an advanced TPU formula which is renowned for its brilliant flexibility and resilience.

Lined with scientifically proven shock-absorbing D3O impact material, the Impact Check provides premium protection for the back and sides of the device. Transparent and minimalistic, it protects without concealing the device's original beauty. Unbeatably user-friendly, the Impact Check is easily applied with access to all features.

The Impact Tactical Case
The Impact Tactical provides outstanding impact protection in a minimalistic, stylish design.

Created with a rugged, TPU formula and lined with scientifically proven shock absorbing D3O impact material, the smart device is surrounded with intelligent impact protection. Unbeatable user-friendliness and access to all features of the phone or tablet are standard features of this case.

FlexShock is the newest member of the Impactology™ family of materials and a new chapter in intelligent impact protection.  

A cutting edge hybrid material with multiple stages of impact protection, FlexShock absorbs and repels the energy of impact. Any remaining energy is dissipated through its molecular structure, away from the point of impact. The flexibility of FlexShock™ allows Tech21 to create geometric structures, like honeycombs, that enhance its overall protective capabilities. Its ultra efficient energy absorption means the cases are slim and can complement the design of any device.

You can find FlexShock available in the newest Tech21 Impact Folio Case for iPad Air.