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Verizon User Experience: A Fitness Trainer Motivates Her Clients and Herself with the Fitbit Zip


Verizon User Experience: A Fitness Trainer Motivates Her Clients and Herself with the Fitbit Zip

Kim Roman is a personal trainer based in Charlotte, N.C. Though she spends her days motivating her clients and making their lives healthier, sometimes she needs to remember to motivate herself.

“After being sick with cancer twice, it has been hard to keep my motivation high, and it was easy to fall off with no goal in mind,” Roman says. To help her gain motivation, keep track of her daily activity and monitor her diet, Roman tested the Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker during the Verizon User Experience Project. “Using the Fitbit has helped me already with setting goals each day and keeping track of my food.”

The Fitbit Zip is a lightweight smart accessory that clips onto a waistband or sports bra, or can be carried in a pocket. Its quarter-sized face displays steps taken, calories burned and distance traveled throughout the day. The buttonless device then syncs to Fitbit’s online and app portal, where you can view your activity progress, log food intake, set goals and more.

“I use the Fitbit almost all day long,” Roman says. “I put it on in the morning before I start training my clients and I keep it on as I do my own workouts. I don’t take it off until I sit down for the night after dinner.” The Fitbit Zip is so lightweight and discreet that users barely realize they’re wearing it throughout a day. “I can clip it to any article of clothing. It never falls off, and I’m always checking to make sure it’s even there,” Roman says.

At any time, Roman can look down at her Fitbit Zip to see how active she’s been. “I check my daily steps, calories burned and distance calculated every time I finish an activity. I’m surprised to see how many steps I take during the day and I’m even more surprised at just how many calories I burn.”

Fitbit notifies users via the app and email when daily, weekly and lifetime “badges” are earned. For instance, you’ll earn a badge when you’ve walked 10,000 steps in one day.

“Most people do not go to the gym with a goal in mind,” Roman says. “The Fitbit Zip can help give you a goal and keep you working toward that goal. It can make the transition fun and easy. And easy is what keeps most people motivated.”

Roman says that syncing the Fitbit Zip data with the website and app is easy too, explaining that the device automatically updates information to a user’s portal.

Despite the Fitbit Zip’s helpful fitness-tracking abilities, Roman explains, the feature she likes best is the diet tracker. “The application totals the amount of food you intake and adjusts the calories suggested for daily intake (based on how active you are),” she says.

Roman plans to use the Fitbit Zip to continue to reach her goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle. “I hope the Fitbit Zip will help jumpstart my focus again,” she says. “I hope the Fitbit continues to help me transition and get back into the best shape of my life.”