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Verizon User Experience: The JBL PowerUp Offers True Wireless Power


Verizon User Experience: The JBL PowerUp Offers True Wireless Power

With a wireless speaker, you can control your playlists and volume from across the room using your mobile device, and you can use the speaker without having to worry about unruly cords.

Now imagine having those benefits plus the ability to wirelessly charge your smartphone. Talk about convenience.

The JBL PowerUp Wireless Charging Speaker for Nokia is the complete package for wireless power. In addition to its iconic JBL audio quality, the PowerUp speaker is a wireless charger and speaker in one. Pair it with a mobile device via Bluetooth® or NFC (Near Field Communication). Simply place a Qi-compatible device on top of the speaker to charge it wire-free, then grab it and go.

This speaker may look sleek and small, but it belts out serious stereo sound.

Allison Whitmer, unit production manager and line producer on set of the independent film The Thin Line, used the JBL PowerUp speaker to help her hardworking cast and crew wind down during off hours.

Since her house acted as the production office for the low-budget film, Whitmer used the speaker to easily set the mood with music for every occasion. “The PowerUp had rich, deep sound. It filled the house, even with all of the boxes and people scurrying around,” Whitmer says.

Whitmer synced her Android™ smartphone to the speaker via Bluetooth, and the strong connection let Whitmer adjust tracks and volume using her mobile device—up to 30 feet away from the speaker. “Hooking up my phone to the PowerUp speaker using Bluetooth was easy,” she says. “Even when I left and came back, it automatically recognized my device.”

Whitmer liked the speaker so much, she brought it to the cast and crew’s wrap party and entertained the crowd.  “Everyone asked, ‘Where did you get that?’” she says. “I just winked and turned up the music.”