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Verizon User Experience: Tracking My Sleep and Activity with UP


Verizon User Experience: Tracking My Sleep and Activity with UP

As a professional pet sitter and foster dog owner, April Baker is always on the move. Her physical activity—tending to her clients’ pets and her own—often goes unnoticed.

To truly see how many steps taken, calories burned, and even how much sleep she’s getting in a day, Baker tested the UP by Jawbone® through the Verizon User Experience Project.

UP is a flexible, lightweight, water-resistant wristband. Users barely remember they have it on while the smart accessory tracks their daily activities, providing data to help them set and achieve fitness goals.

“I wear it all the time,” Baker says. “I really like it a lot. It tells me how much of my daily goals I’ve met.” The daily step goal, for instance, is 10,000 a day. UP is a motivator to hit that, Baker says.

What Baker finds most useful, though, is the sleep tracker. Wear the wristband to bed and it tracks how deeply you sleep and how many times you wake up.

“I’ve been concerned about the quality … of my sleep for a long time, so I really like that [the UP] tracks that,” Baker says. “I love knowing how many times a night I’m waking up. I had no idea!”

To monitor her activity, Baker simply syncs the band with the UP app on her Android™ smartphone. “You just take the device and plug it into [a smartphone], and the app downloads all your information,” she explains. “There are even arrows that let you look at your information from yesterday or last week, which is nice.” UP enthusiasts can also log what they ate and drank as well as their moods.

Baker hopes to continue using UP to learn about her daily activity patterns and improve them. “I’m hoping to make some changes at nighttime so I’m hitting my sleep goal. Right now I’m only at 80 percent,” she says.

UP also invites company on the path to better well-being. Connect with friends through Facebook, Twitter or a contact list; follow their activities and congratulate them as they reach and surpass their goals.