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USB Type-C to USB Type-C 2.0 Cable

  • Simultaneously charge and sync your USB Type-C device
  • Six-foot Type-C to Type-C cable
  • Reversible USB Type-C connector plugs in either way

  • Free Shipping available on all orders
Free shipping available on all orders
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  • Description+-

    Easily transfer data to your devices that have the new Type-C USB port. Not only does the Verizon USB 2.0 Data Cable for USB Type-C let you transfer data, it also lets you concurrently charge your phone and most devices that have a standard USB Type-C port (USB 2.0 transfer rate). Works with all Verizon home and car charging solutions that have USB Type-C connectivity.

    No wrong way to plug it in
    Because of its reversible plug, there's no wrong way to attach a USB Type-C connector. Unlike its predecessors, it connects whichever way you try to plug it in… there's no right side up or upside down.

    What is USB Type-C?
    USB Type-C is positioned to become a universal standard, replacing and doing all the work of USB connections that came before it. USB Type-C is backward compatible (adapters sold separately and available at Verizon).

    How do I know which USB charger or cable to purchase?
    Trying to visually determine the correct USB connector may result in error. To ensure the correct USB connector is selected, please consult your device's online or hard copy user manual. If you need a cable to join a USB Type-C device and a non-USB-Type-C peripheral, also determine the port type of the peripheral device. Verizon sells backward compatible USB Type-C cables and chargers separately.

    What's in the box
    One Verizon USB 2.0 Data Cable 6-ft. for USB Type-C.

  • Features+-
    • Charge and sync simultaneously
    • Designed to accommodate new USB Type-C ports
    • USB Type-C has a reversible design — no wrong way to plug it in
    • One six-foot Type-C to Type-C cable
  • Specs+-


    • Weight: 1.7oz (0.10625 lbs)
    • Cable: 6ft, 4.0mm OD (outer diameter)
    • Length: 6 ft. long

    In The Box

    • One Verizon USB 2.0 Data Cable 6-ft. for USB Type-C
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