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It's convenient and simple
Wireless charging is the latest technology to simplify and declutter your life. No more scrambling for plugs when your battery is low. No more tangled wires. With Verizon’s wireless chargers, all you have to do is place your phone on the pad to power up.

How wireless charging works
Wireless charging uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy between the charging station and the device. Although there are many types of wireless charging, Qi is the standard with mobile devices. Qi, which means “energy flow” in Chinese, has been incorporated into more than 140 devices.

No wires, lots of options
There are many wireless options to choose from in all sizes and styles. Chances are your phone has wireless charging capabilities already. If not, there are cases with built-in wireless charging.

Wireless Charging

Devices for a wireless world

  • iPhone X
  • iPhone8/8+
  • Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+

Wireless Charging Accessories