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Cooking and food apps will become the most useful utensils in your kitchen. With these enhanced digital cookbooks you can search, sync, add and edit recipes anytime. Host an impressive dinner party or pull together a quick meal after a long day.

There are as many types of cooking apps as there are cooks and cuisine. Selecting the best one for your needs is a matter of personal choice. Don't limit yourself to just one. Tired of the same old recipes night after night? You'll be glad to know there are cooking apps that contain as many as 500,000 recipes, enough to enjoy different meals for quite some time without repeating. Or maybe you're relatively new to the whole "cooking thing." If so, rest assured you'll find some of the best cooking apps for beginners among our selections.

Whether you're just looking to whip up a quick meal or put together the best banquet ever, you'll find these AppFinder recommendations to be to your taste.