Crossword Apps

On your commute, in line or with a cup of coffee, it's always a good time to take on a puzzle. Entertain and challenge yourself with crossword puzzle apps that offer different themes or twists on the game. There's something for every skill level.

The days of paper and pencil - or pen for you showoffs - are gone. Now there are crossword puzzle apps that let you play a variety of games on your device. If you're a beginner, there are crossword apps built just for your level, with easy clues to develop your skills and confidence. More of a pop culture maven than a wordsmith? Worry not. There are puzzle apps for folks who know their TMZ better than their OED (look it up!). There are even games that focus on word search and anagrams, if that's more to your liking. You'll have fun playing, never be bored and might just find you pick up a few fancy new words to impress your friends at cocktail parties.

Wherever your crossword passions lie, AppFinder recommendations help you fill those blank spaces in your day.