Numbers-based puzzle game with no timer

Crush the blocks to clear the board and accumulate points. With multiple game modes and unlimited free game play for beginners, this puzzle game has over 37 achievements to unlock. HD graphics and easy controls make the most of your iPad's hardware.

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Jul 25, 2012

Version 1.2 Compatibility


Description from App Store

No advertisements and unlimited free game play in Beginner Mode! Crusher is a challenging and addictive puzzle game for the whole family. Universal app, retina graphics, easy touch controls and endless entertainment.

Discounted for launch, the Crusher in-app purchase adds Advanced, Sequence and Custom game modes.

Game Play:
The player is tasked with dropping blocks into a grid like gameboard. Blocks appear one after another at the top of the screen. The player’s chooses the ideal drop point for each of those block as it’s added to the ever evolving game board. There is no timer, no rush; only your best effort at perfect block placement. The goal of the game is to keep the game board as clear as possible and keep your high score soaring!

Clearing numbered blocks is accomplished by matching the block’s face value to the amount of contiguous blocks in that row or column. In addition there is another type of block, the trash block, these blocks contain a numbered block under their crushable shells. Crushing trash blocks is accomplished by clearing numbered blocks directly above, below, or next to a trash blocks. This process of exposing new numbered blocks leads to a clearer game board, larger combos and massive high scores! Enjoy!

In the three main game modes the player is threatened with an entire row of trash blocks added to their board at the end of each stage. Stages advance as you drop a set number of blocks into the game board. Each Stage becomes progressively more difficult by being slightly shorter than its predecessor. If the additional trash blocks push any blocks above the top of the game board, or the game board becomes completely full, the game is over!

Crusher includes 37 known achievements across all game four game modes in categories such as game play, endurance, combos, besting your average score, high scores, clearing the board and much more.

High Scores:
Keeping the game board clear is the key to achieving a high score and your highest scores will be submitted to the game center leaderboards, allowing you to compete with your friends for epic high scores. High scores are recorded for all three main game modes (Beginner, Advanced and Sequence) plus a Hall of Fame score board displaying the all time high scores across all game modes..

Additional Game Modes: In-app purchase
Download Crusher today, beginner mode is always free. If you love the game and upgrade you receive three additional game modes (Advanced, Sequence and Custom).

Advanced is a 9x9 board starting with 12 blocks per stage, no trash drops and starting with random stacks of blocks.
Sequence is an 8x8 board starting with 24 blocks per stage and the blocks and trash are globally consistent from game to game.
Custom allows you to set the game board size from 3x3 up to 9x9 including uneven board sizes like 3x9 and you can specify all the other game rules including starting trash, trash drops on/off and sequence mode on/off.

Coming Soon:
Crusher was conceived in early 2012 out of the desire for a more polished, cost effective, continually updated puzzle game for iOS. After many months of labor (design and development) Crusher was born on June 8th 2012; and is a beutiful bouncing baby girl weighing in at 857 lbs and 223.5 inches long.
Crusher is growing quickly and shows signs of being a prodigy of sorts. Learning new and exciting things everyday. Including bug fixes as necessary, support for new versions of iOS and additional game play features like ghost blocks, power ups, new game modes and new achievements.

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Offers In-App Purchases