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Get your team ready for game day with 50 free plays developed to teach football principles and fundamentals. And with an in-app purchase, access over 5,000 more plays. Create and personalize your playbook, and even filter plays specifically designed for youth leagues. Former coach Charlie Coiner developed this app.

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Jan 05, 2012

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FirstDown PlayBook DropBack
FirstDown PlayBook DropBack
FirstDown PlayBook DropBack
FirstDown PlayBook DropBack
FirstDown PlayBook DropBack

Description from App Store

FirstDown PlayBook™ Dropback
By 1st Down Technologies

The Dropback App from FirstDown PlayBook™ is an intuitive, free app for iPhone and iPad designed and developed by 30-year NFL/NCAA Coach Charlie Coiner. Its unique, patented technology assists coaches with passing game concepts and plays.

The Dropback App was designed for coaches. The app teaches football principles and fundamentals using professionally drawn plays and diagrams. It is an educational and coaching tool that surpasses any other football-coaching app.

Free To Download
The Dropback App is free to download. It comes complete with access to more than 50 plays that help coaches expand their offensive playbooks. Download the app now for free to try it out.

More Than 5,000 Plays
Ten (10) popular play formations with more than 5,200 plays, available through in-app purchases. Users can purchase any or all of the PlayPacks using three in-app methods: monthly subscription ($1.99/month), individual PlayPacks ($4.99-$19.99 per PlayPack), and PowerPack (all PlayPacks for $39.99).

Intuitive Searching
Full search capabilities help coaches locate plays. Coaches choose from Concepts, Half-Field Combos or AnyRoute search methods. AnyRoute allows coaches to choose individual routes for any or all receivers from an existing route tree for each position, then find existing plays based on those choices.

Customizable Playbooks
Create personalized playbooks, edit play names, save plays, and share plays with other coaches, players and parents via email. Stay organized like a professional football coach with easy-to-create, easy-to-read football plays and concepts.

Youth-Level Filtering
Enable the Youth League Filter to eliminate plays less suited for younger quarterbacks with under-developed physical abilities.

7-On-7 Functionality
All plays are perfect for 7-on-7 teams. The Dropback App is the most useful, effective 7-on-7 playbook technology available for iPhone and iPad.

Visit for more information and videos about how to effectively use the FirstDown PlayBook™ Dropback App to win more games.

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Offers In-App Purchases