General Travel Apps

Perfect for jet-setters and annual vacationers alike. This set of apps offers everything you need to get the most out of every travel day, including guides, maps that work offline, itinerary planners and more. Discover great planning tools and even better travel companions.

Whether you're just thinking about where to go or ready to board a plane, there are travel apps that will help you find your way and make sure you don't miss something great. Some apps are essentially weightless travel guides, a convenient way to take along huge amounts of up-to-date tourist information without lugging a bunch of books. Others are collections of maps downloaded to your phone, so they work offline,  no Internet connection required. There are travel apps for Europe, Asia, Africa and pretty much any destination you can imagine. You can find apps for almost any travel need.

Wherever your travel plans take you, AppFinder's recommendations will help make your trip easy, fun and memorable.