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Simplify your accounting system. Once you're set up, easily input expenses, upload pictures of your receipts, create professional invoices and monitor your business' financial health. Learn how to use the app worry-free with a pre-loaded sample business tutorial.

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Aug 26, 2011

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Description from App Store

Kashoo is the best cloud accounting and bookkeeping solution for your business.

Send professional-looking invoices. Track income and expenses and categorize for tax time. Snap and store photos of receipts. Prepare financial reports such as profit/loss, balance sheet, and general ledger. Easily share with your accountant. Monitor the health of your business with aged receivables and payables reports.

Try all features of Kashoo on the iPhone, iPad, and Web for free for 30 days.

Dump the messy spreadsheets. Toss out the over-flowing shoebox of receipts. Avoid complex accounting jargon. Say goodbye to your old clunky accounting software. Say hello to Kashoo, the award-winning accounting app designed for your growing business.


• Get paid quicker. Create professional-looking invoices and email them on-the-spot.
• Stay on top of money owed. View customer balances, payment history, and past due amounts.
• Never miss a tax deduction again. Snap a photo of receipts and store them with the related expense.
• Get organized. Connect the Kashoo Web app to your bank and automatically download your transactions.
• Manage sales tax with ease. Customize the tax rates for your business and prepare your sales tax remittance in one place.
• Prep for tax time. Generate all the reports you need including general ledger, profit/loss statement, and balance sheet.
• Share with your accountant. Provide secure password-protected access to your books or use the Web app to export all of the data your accountant needs.
• Monitor the health of your business. Access real-time aged receivables and payables reports.
• Save money. Save thousands of dollars each year on bookkeeping fees and missed tax deductions.
• Stay safe. Protect your data with Touch ID, automatic back-ups, bank-level security and encryption.
• Stay in sync. Be confident that your valuable data is securely backed-up and seamlessly synced between your iPhone, iPad, and Web app.
• Enjoy offline or online. Experience the convenience of using Kashoo offline for those times when you don’t have an Internet connection.

Have a question? A subscription to Kashoo gives you unlimited technical phone, email, and chat support for you and your entire team.

Bottom Line: Kashoo makes your business accounting a snap, so you can focus on what you love: growing your business.


• Check out the in-app sample business, Acme Photo, to experience how Kashoo works.
• Sign up for a free no obligation 30-day trial, no credit card required.
• Enjoy unlimited access to Kashoo on the iPhone, iPad, and Web.
• At the end of your trial, if Kashoo meets your needs, subscribe right in the app.

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Offers In-App Purchases