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Stretch your crossword muscles with a wide range of great puzzles from easy to difficult. There are helpful secondary clues and hints for a letter, word or the entire puzzle. Get even more experience with user tips and suggestions.

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Jun 26, 2013

Version 1.2 Compatibility

Penny Dell Crosswords
Penny Dell Crosswords
Penny Dell Crosswords
Penny Dell Crosswords
Penny Dell Crosswords

Description from App Store

***All-new April Deluxe Set and Collection Five from Penny Press & Dell Magazines featuring Easy, Medium & Hard crossword puzzles plus bonus themed crossword puzzles! More than 180 new puzzles!***

More than 850 crossword puzzles to choose from in all – including Deluxe Sets, Easy, Medium & Hard crossword puzzles and more!

Penny Dell Crosswords features the best puzzles from Dell Magazines and Penny Press, the #1 crossword puzzle magazine publisher. This fun & easy to use crossword puzzle app features Easy, Medium & Hard puzzles plus FREE crosswords for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch!

April Deluxe Set offers 35 crossword puzzles including 5 bonus themed crossword puzzles. Complete any 6 of these crossword puzzles and unlock one of the themed bonus crossword puzzles. Unlock all 5 bonus crossword puzzles as quick as you can!

• A second, alternate clue is available for collection entries! Unique to Penny Dell Crossword apps.
• Want a little more help? Hints are also available for the current letter and the current word.
• Optional Smart Step navigation advances you effortlessly from one entry to the next.
• Optional Pen/Pencil – Pen when your confidence is high and Pencil when you’re just not sure.
• Easy to solve using the crossword puzzle grid or the convenient text entry boxes.
• Check for errors at the touch of a button.
• Make it your own! Multiple settings options are available.
• Robust App Tour, User Tips and Helpful Hints enhance your solving experience.

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Offers In-App Purchases