Puzzles created from your own photos

Use your own photos to create slide puzzles of varying difficulty. The game tracks the number of moves and the time it takes to solve each puzzle. Level up or replay to beat your best time.

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Apr 29, 2013

Version 1.2 Compatibility

Photo Slide Puzzle
Photo Slide Puzzle
Photo Slide Puzzle
Photo Slide Puzzle
Photo Slide Puzzle
Photo Slide Puzzle
Photo Slide Puzzle

Description from Google Play

The Photo Slide Puzzle is an easy, very funny and entertaining game. It´s a free game, consisting in moving the pieces to the correct square in order to assemble the picture. The pieces con be moved to the square next to them, if it is not occupied by another piece, that means you can only move a piece to an empty square. To move a piece, only slide it towards the empty square. At the end, the empty square must be in the down right corner.

The sliding puzzle is a classical puzzle game for any ages, enjoyed by children and adults.

Resolve the puzzle choosing a photo from your gallery or making one with your camera. You can also use one of the fantastic photos which are included in the game.

This game is totally free and is available in the following languages:

The game has three funny styles:
- Classic style: Enjoy playing many levels of each world.
- Time trial style: Resolve the puzzle before time finishes.
- Choose your photo style: a free style, where you choose the difficulty, the board size and the photo (making a photo with your camera or choosing one from your gallery). Play with your own photos!!!

After finishing a level, the score you got and a complete statistic with information about your best time, the number of movements, as well as your worst time and average value of all games played on this level will be showed.

When you exit a game, the state of the puzzle will be automatically saved. So you can continue whenever you want.

Make up different challenges to unblock achievements and obtain trophies.

You like games like puzzles and ability games? Then you will like the Slide Puzzle. Play and enjoy at the same time you are doing brain training and improving your intelligence.

This popular game is also known as 15 puzzle, slide puzzle, sliding puzzle, sliding block puzzle, sliding tile puzzle, the 15, fifteen puzzle, gem puzzle, the magic puzzle square, boss puzzle, game of fifteen, mystic square.

The game can be personalized on the preference screen, suitable to the preferences of every player.
Size and color of the pieces can be changed on the preferences menu to make them more visible.
To increase the difficulty of the game, players who want more new challenges can hide the numbers.

The game works perfectly on tablets and mobile phones.

The creators of Memory launch a new game: the Photo Slide Puzzle.

The game provides beautiful photos from different countries: Ireland, France, Belgium, Austria…

The permission to access storage is necessary to store photos made with the camera and use them in the puzzle.
The permission to access internet is used for publicity and for an anonymous private statistic of the game´s use.

Please, let us know your opinion and suggestions about the game in order to improve it.

If you are a google+ user and you like the game, please press 1+ button. So you will help us to improve and to create more games. Thank you!!!

If something doesn´t work or if you want to let us know your suggestions, please write us an e-mail.

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