Track pitch counts, balls, strikes and more

Perfect for managing pitchers of every age and skill level. Keep track of every pitch, ball-strike ratio and even trends over the last 10 pitches. Monitor it all in real time without relying on a clicker. Email a summary of a player's pitch count with one touch so players, coaches and parents are all on the same page.

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Jan 15, 2010

Version 1.2 Compatibility


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Pitching coaches, put away the clicker. This application counts balls and strikes with the touch of the screen.

Accumulating pitch totals for multiple pitchers per game, it also tallies the percent of balls and strikes, the current run (e.g. three straight balls) and the last ten pitches.

Close out a pitcher and bring in a new one from an easily expandable list of pitchers. At the end of the game you can email the pitch count summary with a touch.

It's dead simple, handy and free!

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