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Restaurant Apps

The perfect apps for restaurant lovers, whether you prefer fine dining or local dives. Find great spots for a night out, pickup or delivery. Discover new eateries in your own backyard or when you're on the road. These apps make it easy to set filters for budget, dietary restraints and cravings.

Choosing the best free restaurants app for you is as much fun as deciding where to go for dinner  - there are so many terrific options. Let's say your main interest is to make reservations without making a phone call. There are apps that will show you all the restaurants in a particular location, sorted by cuisine, and all the times when tables are available. Or maybe you're more interested in reading reviews. In that case choose a restaurants app that's built around consumers reviewing their dining experiences. Perhaps you're on a particular diet regimen and are looking for cuisine that is, say, free of gluten or certified vegan. Good news: Apps can help you find only the places that meet your very specific criteria.

So as you're looking for a restaurant app for phone or tablet, enjoy AppFinder's recommendations - and bon appetit!