Track shots, share scorecard, chat with golf buddies

Get the best of your buddies on the golf course. Use the in-app chat feature to create a group, plan your next outing and talk trash. Track every stroke with accuracy and share your scorecard to brag to your friends.

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Jul 24, 2013

Version 1.2 Compatibility

Striker Golf GPS
Striker Golf GPS
Striker Golf GPS
Striker Golf GPS
Striker Golf GPS

Description from App Store

***** THE BEST GOLF GPS APP EVER – We are NOT just another golf app !

Striker Golf GPS is the most interactive and socially engaging Golf App on the market. Socially connect, Play with LIVE Scoring in tournaments and outings, and compete in Ryder Cup or other games including Best Ball, Alternate shot, and Match Play. How’s that for social!

With Striker, you get:

• A powerful app that reviewers confirm uses less battery than most other mobile GPS apps
• Multi-game support including Stroke, Stablefords and even Ryder Cup games like best ball, alternate shot, better and match play (with or without handicaps)
• Innovative Touch-point Technology that lets you measure the distance to any point on the flyover map and the distance from there to the flag
• The only live Scorecard and Leaderboard that lets you enter your shots and statistics without needing to change screens
• Tracking of all your stats during and after your round such as putts, chips, hazards, sands, and drives (fairways hit, left, right, short, etc.)
• Handicaps automatically calculated and converted to course handicaps
• Social media integration so you can chat with your golf buddies before, during and after the game and view each other’s score cards

So what are you waiting for? Give Striker Golf GPS a try on your next round and let us know what you think. We really do want to hear from you. Because it’s not our success that matters on the golf course – it’s yours!

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