Trivia Apps

Test your knowledge and show off with a variety of fun trivia games to play with friends and virtual opponents. With the wide range of topics and game types available, you can become a quiz show guru. Challenge other players and share your high scores.

There are as many kinds of trivia apps, for adults and kids, as there are types of people. Say you like movie trivia, a perennial favorite. There are apps that will test your knowledge of actors, movies, studios and other information related to the big screen. Do you secretly believe you have the best mind among your group of friends? You can test that assumption with trivia apps designed especially for geniuses. Or maybe your concept of trivia tends more towards game shows. Then choose an app that will test what you know across a great variety of categories of human knowledge and interest.

Whatever your preferences, choosing to play an AppFinder-recommended game shows you're just plain smart.