Video Sharing Apps

Share the whole story with apps that let you shoot, edit, organize and post all your videos. Now it's easy to share family moments with loved ones across the country and develop short video segments on the fly.

Great video editing apps are one reason this medium has become one of today's dominant content forms. Exactly what you need depends on what kind of editing you do. If you're very hands-on, there are video apps that give you a huge range of buttons, sliders and editing functionality to play with. Do you like to collaborate on projects with friends? There are apps that make it possible to work together on the same video. Or maybe all you're really looking for are some weird visual effects to add into your latest thriller. If so, there's an app that specializes in fun and spooky effects.

AppFinder's recommended video editing apps will help you create distinct videos for YouTube and other social media, enabling you to make exactly the impression - funny, serious, scary - that you want.