Word Games Apps

Conquer word-based puzzles and expand your vocabulary. With word jumbles, crossword games and word searches, there's something for everyone. Sounding smarter than your friends just got more fun.

Do you enjoy a classic "Scrabble-style" contest? Apps can now give you the fun of Scrabble-style play - and do it in multiple languages! Or maybe you're a fan of search games, the kind in which you're continually scanning seemingly random letters, watching for something to pop out? If so, your search is over - there are word search puzzles that let you search for words to your heart's content. Still looking for more? Well, there are great games for adults and kids designed to keep you busy - and keep your brain working - for hours and days on end.

So whether you're a casual player or a ferocious competitor, AppFinder has a recommended word search game app ready for you.