Top apps for sticking to your resolutions

Looking to shed a few pounds or put your spending on a diet? Or maybe you’re quitting a bad habit. Whatever your goals are this year, sticking to them can be tough.

Just ask the more than one out of five people who can’t even make it past the first week of resolutions, according to one study published by the National Institutes of Health.

Here are some of the best apps to help keep you motivated:

Resolution: Kick a habit


Keeps you on track by: Besides helping you set goals and reminders, it can also help you create positive alternatives to replace your bad habits.

Cool feature: Collections of inspirational quotes tailored to your specific goals—like a special Pinterest for habit-quitters.

Silver lining: Can also be used to help you build good habits such as exercising regularly.

Resolution: Commit to a passion project


Keeps you on track by: Show the progress of your project on the photo-sharing app (writing a novel or cooking something new each day) so your friends and family can offer words of encouragement.

Cool feature: Follow like-minded people by searching hashtags like #fitness, #diy or #healthyeats.

Silver lining: A visual progress log can help keep you inspired when the going gets tough.

Resolution: Learn a new language


Keeps you on track by: Advancing you quickly through easy-to-follow, bite-sized lesson plans in 15 languages.

Cool feature: Get goal reminder notifications when you haven’t met your daily lesson quota.

Silver lining: Beyond learning how to speak a new language, Duolingo teaches you to read, write and listen as well.

Resolution: Read more


Keeps you on track by: Connecting you and your Facebook friends to a supportive community of passionate readers.

Cool feature: Add to-the-page progress updates on your profile page (for example “War and Peace, pg. 394”).

Silver lining: Easily assemble “Want to read” lists through friends’ recommendations and save your favorite literary quotes for safekeeping.

Resolution: Stick to a budget

Mint and Mint Bills

Keeps you on track by: Putting all of your financial info in one place with beautiful graphics so you can easily track your spending, debt and savings.

Cool feature: Get email alerts when you’re spending more than you budgeted.

Silver lining: Have bill reminders sent to your phone or by email so you won’t miss a payment.