6 top apps for group text messaging

These group text messaging apps let you have chats with multiple friends, family or co-workers.


Sometimes you need to share a photo of your crazy cat with a bunch of friends at once. Or maybe you’re planning a party and need to send your address to all the attendees. Group text messaging apps will help you share whatever you want in one fell swoop, saving you the time and effort otherwise required to send that detail individually. Some group chat apps go the extra mile with emoticons and doodles, video calling capabilities and location sharing so your friends can find you. Here are a few of our favorites. For a quick guide to these group text messaging apps, be sure to check out the chart at the bottom.

1. BBM™

BBM is no longer exclusive to BlackBerry® phone owners. Now you can use this app with your device to instant message photos and files to friends, relatives and co-workers. Send group messages and invite multiple contacts to have a chat. Share lists and appointments with the group all at once. BBM also boasts other cool features: live location sharing with Glympse, free voice calls over Wi-Fi with BBM Voice and video chatting with BBM Video.

2. GroupMe

The free GroupMe app lets you set up multiple texting groups, so you can have a private chat among your fellow movie buffs, reminisce with your college friends, create a dedicated group for all your cousins and more. Set a picture for each group profile to easily identify them. GroupMe allows you to share photos, animated GIFs, videos and your location, and if you want to send information privately, just tap that friend’s avatar for a direct private message. You can also “like” messages in GroupMe, and your friends don’t even need the GroupMe app—anyone can chat with groups over SMS.

3. Google+ Hangouts™

Send photos, emojis, map locations or messages to friends with Google+ Hangouts. Start a phone call with a friend from your computer or turn any Hangout into a live video call with up to 10 friends and keep the conversation going on multiple devices. The video calls ring everywhere your friends have the Hangouts app downloaded—smartphonestablets or computers. If they can’t pick up, they’ll receive a notification that you were trying to reach them.

4. Tango

It takes two to Tango, but you can group chat with up to 50 friends using this app. Make video and voice calls, share photos, send text messages, play games and send music messages powered by Spotify to help your friends discover new tunes. The app works across smartphones, tablets and computers.

5. Voxer®

The Voxer app lets you have a conversation with friends across the world from your smartphone or desktop computer. Send walkie-talkie-like voice messages, text messages, photos and locations in one-on-one or group chats.

6. WeChat

Chat with friends instantly via voice, text, photo or video messages with WeChat. Share, like and comment on photos or WeChat Moments with your friends. You can also find new friends nearby to start a new conversation. Create live group chats and invite your friends to a WeChat group via QR code (available in the latest versions for iOS and Android™). Use the walkie-talkie mode with up to 40 friends.


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