How to get a loaner phone for international travel

Verizon offers several options for getting a loaner phone or renting one to use when you travel outside the US.


Don’t have a phone that can be used abroad? Bum one from Verizon for a bit.

International Travel Program

If your trip is going to be less than three weeks long, you can borrow a smartphone, basic phone or USB modem from Verizon. There’s no rental fee; you just pay for shipping and for any call minutes, messages and data you use (the charges will appear on your regular Verizon bill).

There are iOS, Android™ and other phones available. You can use your own cell phone number, and you can easily transfer your contacts to the loaner phone. When your trip is over, just put the loaner phone back in its box, attach the shipping label and send it back.

Get more info on the International Travel Program, including in which countries it can be used.

Cellhire Rental Program

Perfect for trips spanning 22 days or more. You can rent a device or a SIM card, which is helpful when you already have a phone but need an international data SIM card to be able to use the phone overseas.

For a daily rental fee, you can choose a program that’s tailored to you. You have the option to use a new local number, or to keep your current number by having calls forwarded from a toll-free number that Cellhire will set up for you.

Satellite Phone Rental

Satellite phones allow you to stay connected in remote regions. Each phone comes with a rental pack that includes a charger, adapters, battery pack and holster. All incoming calls are free and outgoing calls are charged at a flat rate per minute. Voicemail service is also available. When your trip ends, you can return the rental kit using the prepaid return label.


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