How to track data usage with My Verizon

Easily keep tabs on your monthly data allowance and receive data alerts via text and email.


Staying under your monthly data limit and avoiding irksome overage charges is sometimes a delicate balancing act (especially when someone on your family plan loves to share a lot of videos and is addicted to trivia games). And while tracking how much data you’re using can be confusing, fortunately there’s a full-featured, easy-to-use solution for Verizon customers: My Verizon.

Here’s the rundown:

How much data do I use?

Everything from downloading songs and streaming videos to emailing friends consumes data. But the amount can vary greatly.

If you enjoy watching your favorite shows on your smartphone or tablet, streaming video uses roughly 350 MB an hour. What about music? The average song takes about 5 MB of data to download.

Depending on how often you’re downloading songs or streaming videos, you could be entering the gigabyte territory (1024 MB equals one GB). If you streamed 17 hours of music or downloaded 200 songs, that’s roughly 1 GB of data, for example. That’s also roughly equivalent to watching three hours of video while connected to the 4G LTE network.

You can learn more about data usage by watching this brief video or reviewing this list of FAQs.

What are my data habits?

To help you get a better grip on your data needs, use this Data Calculator to estimate how many gigabytes of data you might consume per month.

The Data Utilization tool performs a deep dive on your data usage, dividing it into general categories—like social media or maps and navigation—and estimates your data use in each category, so you can understand your digital habits and avoid any data overage charges.

For advice on how to stay within your monthly data allowance, check out these five useful tips, so you and all of the trivia maniacs in your family can keep cellphone data usage in check.

What’s the best way to manage my account?

You can get My Verizon as an app or use it on your desktop. It provides you with hands-on monitoring and control of your account as soon as changes happen, so you can curb the digital overindulgences of your family. You can set up your account so you’ll automatically receive text or email alerts about your data usage as you approach, meet or exceed your monthly allowance.

What if it’s not even close to the end of the month and you’ve almost drained your data allowance? No problem. With the My Verizon Mobile app, just click on “Change Plan” to conveniently add more data to your plan—which you can do whenever. It also allows you to view and pay your monthly bill online, block spammers that devour your data, and much more.

Can I limit an individual’s data use?

If you want more control over family members’ devices and their (possibly excessive) data use, try Verizon FamilyBase®. For a small monthly fee, FamilyBase lets you divvy up your data allowance by line, so no one gets more than his or her fair share.

FamilyBase also lets you view calls, texts and app activity for each of your devices and provides parental controls including on-demand phone lock, blocking contacts, time restrictions and setting limits by line.

The FamilyBase app is free to try out for 30 days, and can be downloaded from Google Play™ or the Apple® App Store℠.


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