Ringtones: how to get and use them

Ringtones are a fun way to customize your phone and show off your style while getting notified of incoming calls.


Whether it’s a favorite song, a famous movie quote or a sound effect from a childhood video game, you can probably use it as a ringtone. People often use custom ringtones instead of the presets that come with their phone. And there’s a ton of ringtones out there and nearly as many ways to find them. Here’s how you can get your own.

Slacker Radio

Android™ users can easily make a favorite song their ringtone or ringback tone for incoming callers with the Slacker Radio app. You can change it up whenever you want, as often as you want.

To get the ringtones and ringbacks, sign in to your Verizon account from your device, and add the Tones feature to your account for an additional $2 a month. Open the Slacker Radio app on your smartphone, and boom—you’ve got access to some rocking ringtones.

Verizon Tones

One of the easiest ways to get ringtones on an Android phone is to download the Verizon Tones app from the Google Play™ store. From the app, you can purchase and download from a broad selection of great ringtones. You’ll also be able to set specific ringtones for certain contacts and set up a ringback tone that plays for people who call your phone.

Create your own

There are also apps to create ringtones from audio files you already own. Ringdroid and Ringtone Maker are two great choices for Android devices. iPhone users should check out Ringtone Designer or Create Ringtones! With most of these apps, you can create ringtones as well as alarm and notification sounds.

Use websites

Websites like Zedge and ToneTweet give you access to free ringtones to download. For some, you’ll need to download the tone to your computer and then connect your device for transfer. Others let you enter your cellular number to get a direct download link right on your smartphone. Zedge also offers its service via an app.

Use an MP3 converter

Another method for finding ringtones is to use a website that will convert your chosen sound into an MP3. YouTube-MP3.org is a site that lets you simply plug in a YouTube URL to convert that video into an MP3 file. Then, the MP3 can be used as a ringtone. Online-convert.com lets you enter links to the audio you want to use, but you can also upload files from your computer for conversion.


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