Upgrading your Verizon device

Whether your contract is up or you need a device that better suits your lifestyle, here's what to think about when it's time for a Verizon upgrade.


There are a variety of reasons why you may want to upgrade your Verizon device. Perhaps it’s just that time—your contract is up, and you’re able to upgrade to another device at a discount. Or maybe you’re longing for a new device that better suits your busy lifestyle (help, GPS!). Whatever the reason may be, a Verizon upgrade is a simple process that requires a little consideration. Here are some important things to think about.

Do your homework

To find out if you’re eligible for a Verizon upgrade, visit Verizon’s Eligible Upgrade page, and type in your mobile phone number tied to your account. You’ll then see when you’re due for an upgrade according to your contract.

If you’re the owner or manager of your account, you can also log in to My Verizon to view this information. Just click “Upgrade Device” to get started.

And if it’s not time for an upgrade but you just can’t wait, you can always purchase a new device at the retail price.

For information on upgrade fees, explore the Verizon Support section.

Consider your new needs

Think about which mobile technology features would make your life easier. Would GPS navigation help you when taking the kids to away baseball games? Would a large tablet screen let you more easily edit and review documents for work? Perhaps a smartphone with its own personal assistant, like the Samsung Galaxy Note5 and Samsung Gear S2 smart watch could help with all the tasks on your to-do list.

Browse different device features and find the ones that fit your needs. You can even use the Compare tool on Verizon device pages and view the specs of up to five devices side by side.

Find the right operating system for you

Depending on how you use your device, one operating system might suit you better than others.

If you like to customize your devices, for example, Android or Windows Phone might be right for you. You can personalize your Android device’s Home page with live wallpapers and widgets, and you can pin Live Tiles and customize their sizes on your Windows Phone device. If you’re a Google fan (with products including Gmail, Google Maps and Google Chrome web browser), Android is probably your winner with a phone like the Samsung Galaxy S7. But if you’re looking for seamless integration with Microsoft Office and Xbox, you’ll probably love a Windows Phone, such as the Microsoft Lumia 735.


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