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Verizon Wireless makes receiving your E-Rate funding simple and convenient. Verizon Wireless offers two discount payment options: automatic credit discounts to your monthly bills and BEAR check reimbursement.

If you have selected the option to receive automatic credit discounts directly to your monthly cellular bills, the discounted amount will appear as a SLC credit in the month following your billed charges invoice. This will reflect a reduced balance due that may cover the un-discounted amount of your billed charges. Please continue to pay all monthly bills in full.

The Form 472 - Billed Entity Applicant Reimbursement (BEAR) is currently an alternate choice to receive your E-Rate discounts in the form of a reimbursement check, and will remain in effect until such time that automatic discounting is available in your area, and you are notified by Verizon Wireless.

Please visit the Schools and Libraries Division (SLD) web site under "Reference Area" for detailed information and updates on eligible services, and discounted bills.

To determine if you are able to receive monthly billing credits in your area, please enter the Zip code of your school or library location.

Verizon Wireless SPIN: 143000677
To learn more about our E-Rate services, contact your E-Rate sales representative or request a consultation.

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